You are not to cut your hair any shorter or 1 will be very upset with you Do you understand me Germany yes TATTLETALEP!! DID YOU JUST CALL ME A TATTLETALE? NO EXCUSE ME LITTLE MisSY I DID NOT TATTLE ON YOU! THE ONLY THING TELLING STORIES ARE YOUR 니NEVEN BANGS! TTATTLETALE e arschbiene arschbieneThe hetalia girls discord reminded me of an old headcanon I have that Nyo!Germany would cut her hair as a child to kinda claim her own identity much to the distress and chagrin of her sisters I give nyo!Hre these super long locks that Nyo!Germany just hacks off in a singular act of childhood rebellion because she hates how everyone seems to put so much sorrowimportance on her hair and is tired of everyone constantly touching it Meme

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