You are Snake a government agent on a mission to regain control of a secret nuclear weapons base from terrorist hands CONFIDENTIAL Lightly armed and facing an army of foes Snake must avoid firefights in order to survive If Snake can locate them he can utilize advanced hardwaro ranging from silenced pistols to ground- to-air missiles Enemies react to sight and sound so stay quiet and stay in the shadows CONFIDENTIAL State-of-the-art graphics textures transparencies models and explosions Taut gripping story with multiple endings-a truly cinematic experience Meryl Memory Card 1-15 Noch Anelog Con Compatible Vibration Function Compatible Player 1-900-896-HINT 4468 wwwkonamicom Koami of America Inc 1400 Bridge Parkway Reducod City CA 94085 METAL GEAR Co Lid Konam i regered trademark of Kan Co 198 K merca inc A rghts reserved Licensed by Sory Conper Enetainment Aco he on consoe PayStaton and BePySinos e registed traderks of Sony Computer Enteai D Sock is d of Scry Comer frertinmen nc The tscen isar of the iDigit SofAssrin anuatnd prired in the SA THS SOFTARE S COMPATILE WITH PLAYSTATION GAME CONSOLES WITH THE NTSC UC DESINATIONSAND FORGS PATENTS PENDING 83717 17031 0 MATURE ANIMATED BLOOD & GORE ANIMATED VIOLENCE MATURE SEXUAL THEMES KONAMI NTSC UC METAL GEAR SOLID PlayStation METAL GEAR SOLID SLUS-COS94 03776 Kids today will never know how it feels to find an in-game secret like this Back of the game box Metal Gear Solid Meme

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