You can always tell who works and is hungry when you go to Walmart All they have is essentials Meanwhile Mrand Mrs Fatfuck have 140$ in chips ice cream and soda l'm sick of waiting in line while a family of 8 spend 900$ with there ebt card so l can buy stuff just to eat for the next 24 hours You work your ass off at a 9-5 but can barely scrape by This country is one big hand out and it needs to change If you not working or doing some type of service then I guess your not eatingis one of the strongest people know I see so many disabled drunks living off the government because they tweaked there knee 26 years ago or some shit Mean while my dad worked all thru his amputations and continues to work and never give up Idc if I gotta go kill a deer with my bare hands to eat I'll work my ass off to make it in the world I just hate seeing people get more things handed to them when the rest of the country funds your Oreos bitch If I'm working That money's getting me Oreos Not you That is all They're MY Oreos! Meme

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