You ever realize all the milennial energy that Jessie James and Meowth give off? Case in point they're 25 years old Meowth is probably a young adult in pokémon years who are frequently broke and can barely afford basic living expenses often waste money on stupid shit they don't really need but will always sacrifice funds for their friends Jessie has many ambitions but lacks the money skills and resources to make them happen James rejected the lifestyle and marital expectations of his parents in the pursuit of his own freedom Meowth wasted his energy to learn a skill that didn't lead to the life of happiness he expected they work for a company led by a dismissive boss fully expecting to be promoted for their hard work frequently take on part-time jobs which they're very good at to support their long-term career goals James collects trinkets that are ultimately useless besides sentimental value Jessie partakes in hobbiescompetitions that are typically outside her age group for the fun of it Meowth craves affection to the point that he projects fantasies onto his boss Wobbuffet is a one trick pony but does that trick very well are often depicted as having horrible book smarts but carry a lot of emotional intelligence will jump at the prospect of free food When we were kids we all wanted to be like Ash Ketchum But we all grew up to be Team Rocket Team Rocket Are millennials Meme

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