YOU EVER WALK IN A AND ASK YOURSELF STORE WHO BUYS ALL THIS BULLSHIT? LIKE SERIOUSLY I'M GENUINELY CURIOUS! WATCH BIO-DOME Quesadilla Maker? WHAT? ASSHOLE! DUMB FUTURE TM on DVD How'd that get on here? This is fucking tite SHORE I love this movie CaloDoKE APPLE'S CEO HAD A NICE LUNCH WITH THE FASCIST PRESIDENT OF BRAZIL YESTERDAY HATS PAULY YOU Get a damn skillet But look at you! You can read your Mom's text without reaching in your pocket M DEFINITELY BUYING THIS SHIT This Fucking Thingo HEAR ME OUT NOW GENDERED FOR SOME REASON BUTTHOLE WIPES Iget that you don't Wet-Ass Sandwiches THEY CALL THIS A HOVERBOARD? FUCKING really buy one of these from a store DUMB THAT'S SOME SHAMEFUL SHIT Doesn't hover for shit ljust DUDE FUCK don't ARBY'S like Arby's WIPES GO TO HELL Fucking WALK idiot WHO ARE THESE FOR? 2019 TEENAGE STEPOIAD ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Meme

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