YOU EVER WALKIN A STORE AND ASK YOURSELF BUYS ALL THIS LIKE SERIOUSLY I'M GENUINELY CURIOUS! WATCH Quesadilla DUMB FUTURE Maker? WHAT? ASSHOLE! HATE on DVD APPLE'S CEO HAD A NICE LUNCH WITH THE FASCIST PRESIDENT OF BRAZIL YESTERDAY How'd that get on here? This is fucking tite I love this movie PAULY YOU But look at you! You can read your Mom's text without reaching in your pocket SHORE Get a damn skillet I'M DEFINITELY BUYING THIS SHIT This Fucking Thingo HEAR ME OUT NOW Wet-Ass I get that you don't Sandwiches really buy one of these from a store THEY CALL THIS A GE ERED FOR SOME REASON tulPES DUMB HOVERBOARD?İİEUTTH□LE Doesn't THAT'S SOME SHAMEFUL SHIT I just don't like Arby's hover for shit PES FUCK GO TO ARBY'S Fucking WALK idiot HELL WHO ARE THESE FOR? Asking the important questions by btjones2010 MORE MEMES Meme

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