You have 24 hours to hide before the whole world starts looking for you If you stay hidden for a week you get $1 billion Where do you go and how? Discussion 658 833 Share Awarc x7 BEST COMMENTS ▼ 2h There is a town an hour away in the mountains that has a service road that is locked to anyone except for the hydro dam company About an hour drive down that dirt road scaling the mountains takes you to a lake which has a tunnel that leads to directly under the lake They dug it out with dynamite or something The tunnel goes for a few hundred meters and at the end there is a big wheel which will allow the lake to drain and divert water to the hydro plant or something Only a few people have access to it and only like 2 people know I've done work there The tunnel also has tons of places to hide Ezpz Reply ↑ 965 Ah yes Lake Minnewanka A magical place 11k Son of a bitch Very Secret Location Meme

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