you know the exam is going to be lit when you see this on the cover sheet UNİVERSİTEIT VAN-PRETORİA UNIVERS#TY OF PRETORIA Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences Department Financial Management Examination period 2nd Semester FBS 122 Exam 16 November 2018 Date Total Marks 80 Marks Duration 120 Minutes Mr E T ternat cxaminer Externatf examiner Mra Jansen van Vuuren erien lastrictions o Answor all the questions 0 The question paper consists of 10 pages 0 Mark allocation per question is indicated after each question rogrammable calculators mav be used alcent Crying is permitted as long as you do it quietly Question Question1 Topic Various chapters Various chapters Variniie chantan Marks 30 Minutes 45 12 Question 2 Question 3 8 Im getting flashbacks by luckyluke575 MORE MEMES Meme

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