YOU KNOW THE WEATHER'S BAD WHEN 15 bc15com WISCONSIN CLOSED THEY CLOSE WISCONSIN lionkins catbountry systlin msjava1972 go Its that cold where I am @barbabangme @goddessvicky According to my family ‘up north’ in WI it’s so cold that they had to clear the alcohol out of the “Wisconsin fridge” AKA the back porch Because it’s cold enough to freeze high-proof booze Is Wisconsin okay? NO wisconsin is NOT okay it’s currently -25 degrees in whitewater where I live keep in mind - whitewater is only 45 mins from the border between WI and IL - it’s very far south and the windchill is going to get down to almost -60 tonight it’s literally colder than some parts of antarctica right now…the school had to stop heating some buildings so they could divert power to heating the residence halls to keep them above 67 degrees oh did I mention classes were canceled tuesday through friday? and that we also have 2 feet of snow on the ground?send help Meme

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