YoU Know Things are Inirovers arrv Follow Sarah Miller @scba Another great sign #marchforscience #ScienceMarch #ScienceMarchDC 334 PM- 22 Apr 2017 2749 5360 yuu AT THE START OF EVER ISASTER MoME THERES A SeIENTIST BEING IFNORED Robert Barry @barryveryrob Follow RT Botanygeek The best sign so far #MarchForScience 141 AM - 24 Apr 2017 6 WeRateDogsM @dog_rates У Follow Here's a puppo participating in the #ScienceMarch Cleverly disguising her own doggo agenda 1310 would keep the planet habitable for 231 PM - 22 Apr 2017 1862146217 ERE KENDALL? Stefan Simanowitz @StefSimanowitz Follow Where's Kendall? Best sign at this weekend's #ScienceMarch #marchforscience via @MatthewACherry 419 AM - 24 Apr 2017 FIRST THEY CAME FOR THE SCIENTISTS AND THE NATIONAL PARK SERVICE SAID lol no AND WENT RDGU E AND WE ALL WERE LIKE IWAS NT EXPECTIN THE PARK RANGERS TO LEAD THE RESIST- ANCE NONE DF THE DYSTOPIAN NOVELS IVE READ PREPARED ME FORTHIS Bert Hubbard Follow Change the narrative Support the conscientious objectors End the tyranny of the stupids #epa #EarthDay #ResistTrump the best sign ever 847 AM- 24 Apr 2017 buzzfeed The Science March had the best signs period Meme

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