YOU KNOW YOURE GETTING OLDER WHEN Owomenafter50 1 You can go an entire day without taking one picture with your cell phone 2 You have to increase your font size to Billboard 3 You get carpal tunnel syndrome because you have to scroll down so dang far too find your year of birth 4 You look down and decide you really need to iron your t-shirt then realize that you are naked 5 You wake up feeling hungover when you didn't even go out or drink the night before 6 You realize that the punishments as a child like naps being grounded and not being allowed to go to parties are now your personal preferences 7The oldie music at the market and in elevators is now music that you actually like and remember 8 You no longer refer to your knees or hips as left and right they are now the good one and the bad one 9 Your memory is getting so bad that you could actually plan your own surprise party 10The only one telling you to slow down is your doctor not the police Owomenafter50com there are 10 things on the list-you have to click it to read them all! xo Sara N Dipity Meme

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