You manitarynapkin morthils fuck jkr for convincing a whole generation that 'witch and wizard are malefemale versions of the same thing morthils witches herbs and gardening cook a lot wear lots of black cats magical brews probably the village midwife cottage in the woods vine whips and healing spells bigass hat but it's all slouchy and cute wizards wear blankets if you're luckv lab in a tower grad student vibes will definitely accidentally kill you fireballs high in some kind of magical drug hat that scrapes the ceiling cannot keep a familiar alive for more than a week morthils stop saying warlocks are male witches! warlocks are a whole ass third thing! magical sugar daddy glam goth looks like a distinguished gay but that's only because of again magical sugar daddy probably rich even though you never see them working fruity drinks significantly more likely to be twinks than the general population tentacles Source morthils 19342 notes Witches Wizards Warlocks Meme

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