You matched with Riley on 10222018 I don't have any cheesy pickup lines so I went with a cheesy sonnet instead Lmk what you think She places soul in chest with heart a-blaze Each halting impulse noting heat and joy No other tone thus undermines her days Delightful nights offset her gaming ploy Not even new events may cause her stress Undressing nude meandering all year Declaring unbound yearning so breathless Engagement marriage fighting shame and fear? Soon bright and pure love flowed within their hearts Respectful energy can leave love kind Ideas ripple ebb endanger smarts Lethargic people's pictures are all blind Even lost love still covers all our faults Yet stories say enriched kids turn adults 10262018 1252 PM I like it sorry just saw it Awesome You'll like it even more when you read the first letter of every sentence Haha it gets even better when you read the first letter of the second word in every sentence Sent GIF GIF Type a message SEND She has so many levels still to come credit udrewhead118 for the initial idea Meme

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