you? Send Message 99 Flirt * Favorite ABOUT ME Our Interactions Im 30 My own car and place People should take somebody as they are if not then they don't deserve you I'm not here for games to be cheated on and lied to I want someone real I'm divorced to a cheater and a user and abuser I'm not a people pleaser l'm not going to be someone else that I am not I'm just simply me I love 60's music and 80's hair bands I'm a gentleman an old fashioned kind of love I still believe in opening car doors for you Maybe that's why I get hurt in the end cause I care to much But I still love like l've never been hurt if there's anything else you want to know just ask also I am not here just to talk online l'm here to find somebody and meet them to see if we have compatability and to see if there's a connection Then got from there If you have like 5 different baby daddies I'm not interested Also not interested if you're gunning for my money or for sex Not looking for a hookup also not looking for a relationship that's a dead end Somebody that has commitment and goals to build a relationship Also not looking for somebody immature that does not know what an adult relationship is really about I work second shift if you can't handle that oh well in today's society if you don't want a broke man get ready for a busy man But of course women are going to choose guys that don't even have a job or a car because that's dating in 2019 and it's why I'm single women rather have a deadbeat that treats them like crap and a dude that actually gives a sh*tthat works his ass off to provide imaginary family that he's probably never going to have My soulmate probably got ran over by a bus I'm 31 years old and I'm divorced I'm still thinking that love really does exist but every woman I've ever been with pretty much just used me for money or to get what they want I'm pretty much Good luck Chuck You'll date me for a little bit cheat on me or find somebody else and end up getting married happens every time I mean with a bio like that Meme

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