You Tube Dear YouTube At a hundred thousand we thought not bad That's a prety low amount of dislikes for YouTube Rewind At one million we thought wow this rewind was worse than the last one But 10 million? At this point we are actually scratching our heads How on earth did you do that? 10 million dislikes isn't just a lot of people its more than the entire population of New York City The fact is people would have been less upset if you had just included the things that actually impacted YouTube in 2018 Like- PewDie Pie vs T-series Shane Dawson and his documentaries the Logan Paul and KSI fight Mr Beast and the rampant demonetization of videos for no apparent reason lol ns We hope you'll accept this diamond dislike award as a friendly reminder to remember the creators and events that actually meant something to all of us throughout the year LENS CLEA WI We know you will do better next time Also subscribe to PewDiePie TOALLA LIMP Sincerely Erle Bobby Duke CEO Bobby Duke Arts I know it’s going on 10 months now butCOME ON Meme

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