YOU WERE DIRECTLY INVOLVED IN BRINGING DOWN THE EMPIRE YOU AND ARTOO SO I DON'T KNOW WHY YOU'RE CALLING ME MASTER WHY YOU CALL ANYONE MASTER SEEMS LIKE PEOPLE SHOULD CALL OU THAT WHYII DON'T KNOW SIR PROGRAMMING I SUPPOSE ALL DROIDS MUST DO AS THEY ARE PROGRAMMED mysharona1987 d0rkyturtle mysharona1987 The Poe Dameron comic should really just consist mostly of Poe making the other characters feel better about themselves “OK so your nephew was a bit of screw up but you’re Luke Skywalker! You saved the galaxy! Don’t be sad! You’re amazing!” “I know your family has fallen apart your marriage ended and no one will ever truly trust you because of who your dad was…but Leia you’re a strong empowered woman! Never forget that! Poe = The Universe’s No 1 Motivational Speaker Petition for Poe dameron to have an Oprah-style talk show where he just rants about how great people are Not even kidding This is a continuing theme in the comic book I would join Poe’s book club Meme

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