You wish that things will eventually get better You hope that one day you're not that sad anymore But sweetheart listen you can't just lay in bed or stay in your room all day while hoping things will get better just like that Honey you need to put some effort to make it happen Dress up go to the park breathe some fresh air look at the pretty flowers catch the butterflies Let your inner you feel free from after all this time locking yourself away Dress up go to the library pick a novel spend hours there bring your brain to places let the words inspire you Let your minds be free after being stressed all these time Dress up go out there this big bad world isn't that big bad after all if you find something good for you in it Let yourself free in this big bad world Distract yourself from the sadness you've tangled to let go of the things that'll let you down spread that beautiful smile of yours give your eyes a break from flowing tears by seeing new beautiful things Meme

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