Young German pilot lands in Red Square The rented Cessna cruises past the Kremlin unhindered into Red Square May 30 Strollers in Moscow's Red Square were amazed when a small plane landed among them yes- terday but Soviet officials were not Cessna 400 miles through defended Soviet air space Rust who had only 25 hours of flying time navi- gated unerringly from Helsinki Finland to a spot beside the Krem lin Wall He was hustled off for questioning by the Russians Mar- shal Dmitri T Yasov a protege of in the least bit amused Marshal Sergei L Sokolov was fired as Defense Minister and the military chiefs were rebuked for al- lowing 19-year-old Matthias Rust Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev of West Germany to fly a rented was named defense chief 94 carefully he's a hero Just a little jaunt to Russia Meme

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