young gunner @xhaileysmith my mom is so extra oo T-Mobile LTE 139 PM @イ46%■ ·o TMobile LTE 139 PM @イ46%■Instagram oo UE 142 PM <四 Momma ψ Momma ψ stopped the bleeding but it looks bad mom il buy you more next week Omg where is that it Today 133 PM Send me a pic of a cut Do makeup or something or finda pic and say you think you need stitches so I can leave lol on my arm Is this good enough Okay I'll be home in a few Read 137 PM Apply pressure! Perfect! Say something about mowin the grass mom Serious lol are you being fr I'm Yeah Lol Mom I was just mowing the grass and a piece of glass shot up and I think I need stiches I stopped the bleeding but it looks bad A S DFGH J K L You can look online idc lol Message 123 Message space You always see in your explore tab you might as well go ahead and just follow me now Meme

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