YOUR 2019 YA NOVE THE FAVORITE COLOR OFBIRTH MONTHANDFIRST INITIAL FIRST INITIAL AVORITE COLOR BIRTH MONTH RED-THRONE JANUARY-BONEA-RAVENS N-HUNGER ORANGE-INSTITUTE FEBRUARY-DUST BDAYDREAMS O-TERROR YELLOW-HOUSE MARCRDECAYSHADOWS P-GLORY GREEN-FORESTAPRIL-FIR BLUE-COURT INK-CITY PURPEE-CROWN D-STARS E-CLOUDS F-STORMS G-GHOSTS BLACK KINGDOM AUGUST-STONE HWOLVES MAY-BLOOD JUNE-CLOTH JULY-WIND -FEAR R-BETRAYAL S-DARKNESS T-DREAMS U-CHAOS -REASON J-NIGHTMARES W-WINGS X-SONGS WHITE-CASTLE SEPTEMBER-ASH-CROWS NOVEMBER-DEATH K-FLAMES M-CLAWS OCTOBER-ICE DECEMBER-SMOKE L-FANGS Y-BLOOMING Z-BURNING PFANFICTALKCOM fuckyahumor susan1lee youve-doomed-us-all-jerk kuno-chan dogsanddigimon argentvagabond john-paul-jonesing-for-liberty psangel-fellfromgrace the-cory-so-far the-armed-utahn noneofchar hpfanfictalk New year new novel! What’s your next book going to be? The court of death and shadows Sounds pretty dope ngl The Kingdom of Smoke and Glory The court of bone and shadows The forest of ice and ravens The Court of Cloth and Stars The Throne of Stone and Crows The Court of Fire and Shadows Crown of Decay and DreamsOooh that sounds trippy forest of stone and flames The Crown of Death and Darkness The City of Wind and Glory Meme

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