YOUR OWN ADVENTURE!! THIS LEVEL UNLOCKS NEW CONTENT HELP COMPLETE THE STORY BELOW AND UNLOCK ADDITIONAL FEATURES IN THE VIDEO GAME WHEN IT RELEASES STORYLINE! I CHALLENGE TOU TO A DUEL TO THE DEATH HASBUT LEFT YOUR LIPS BEFORE A CAN OF MACE HAS YOU SENT SPRAWLING TO THE FLOOR O THE BUS ISLE SCREANUNG IN PAIN YOU MANADE TO ROLL OUT O·THE BUS EMERGENCT EXIT ONCE YOU'VE ARRIVE AT SCHOOL ASTER STUMBUNG YOUR WAY TO THE BATHROOM THROUGH A BLURRY HAZE OF PURE AGONY YOU'RE IMMEDIATELY CONERONTED BY YOUR BULLY-STAAN KAR HE SHOVES TOU UP AGAINST THE WALL SAW YOU TALN TO MY GR LAURIE PUKE-FACE! YER DEAD MEAT KNOWING THAT THE GIRL IN QUESTION HAS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NAME YOU PROCEED TO MAKE THE DUBIOUS DECISION OE CORRECTING THE MAN PINNING TOU TO THE WALL BY TOUR THROAT 어4 YEAH YOU'RE SUCH A SMART BOY NAME REMEMBERER wwArs eR NAME THEM? CHOICE A HER NAME'S STEVE A TRADITIONAL GERMAN MILKMAIDEN NAME POPULARIZED IN THE 1820'S TWEET A UNK TO THE KICKSTARTER BUT WITH THE DUMBEST CLICKBAIT TITLE YOU CAN COME UP WITH AND INCLUDE #CYANIDESYOA CHOICE B GLORIA HER NAME'S GLORIA DUDE CHANGE YOUR FB PROFILE PICTURE TO A PHOTO OF YOUR FAVORITE C&H CHARACTER WTH A LUNK TO THE KICXSTARTER IN THE DESCRIPTION KEEP IT THAT WAY UNTIL THE DEADLINE CHOICE C HER NAME'S NANNA NANNA YER BUISNESS! POST AN INSTAGRAM PHOTO OR VIDEO OF YOU FAILING AT SOMETHING VERT SIMPLE TAG @EXPLOSMOFFICIAL WITH #CYANIDESYOA COMMENT ON THIS POST TO SUBMIT! THE COMMENT WITH MOST VOTES IS THE WINNER! DEADLINE SEPTEMBER 13TH Kickstarter httpsgoogl2Gbses Previous Chapters httpswwwredditcomrCyanideSYOA We just opened up a bunch of reward tiers including one where you can be a NPC in the game! and a new add-on Kickstarter Exclusive medallion! Think about it - if you've never won an award before you can totally tell everyone that you won this We don't mind By a landslide you all have chosen to threaten the poor girl We hope you feel good about yourselves tough guys! On to the next chapter ---- After what feels like six hours of just kind of standing there you realize that she is actually growing increasingly uncomfortable with your presence You’re blowing it dude! You’re blowing it! You focus hard on forcing SOMETHING to come out of your mouth I CHALLENGE YOU TO THE DEATH! you scream quietly Gloria stares blankly clutching her bag tighter Ok Gloria says as she calmly reaches into her bag I'll go first And with that you see a painful vision flash before your eyes It sprays into your eyes to be more accurate She maces you with precision accuracy leaving you rolling around on the bus in agony for the remainder of the bus ride You get to school and quickly slip into the bathroom to rinse your eyes You can't be seen not seeing like this Suddenly the bathroom door bursts open and in walks Steamin’ Karl - your arch nemesis You can't see him but you recognize his signature huffs and grunts as well as the sound of him cracking his knucles He's always been like this One time at your 9th birthday party he pooped in the pool on purpose He wasn't even in the pool he just hovered over the edge and let them loose while blocking everyone from climbing out just to assert his dominance You guys haven’t hung out since he turned your pool into a 2k gallon toilet You snap from your daydream to feel your body slammed up against the bathroom wall “I saw you talkin to my girl PukeFace! I'm the only guy she's allowed to mace!” You don't like being touched in the mens room especially not at high velocity “Laurie might be fresh meat but she’s MY meat!” Karl grunts at you and presses his nose to yours You wriggle trying to escape his grasp “Pfft YOUR meat? First of all weird Second of all that’s not even her name dude Let me go - I’m gonna be late” Karl grits his teeth and snarls at you “Oh YEAH?? If you’re such a SMART BOY NAME REMEMBERER what’s her name? HUH??!” ---- ---- A “Her name’s Steve - a traditional german milkmaiden name popularized in the 1820’s” Tweet a link to the kickstarter but with the dumbest clickbait title you can come up with Use #CyanideSYOA B “Gloria Her name is Gloria dude” Change your FB profile picture to a photo of your favorite C&H character with a link to the Kickstarter in the description Keep it that way until the deadline C “Her name’s Nanna… Nanna yer business!” - Post an Instagram Photo or video of you failing something very simple tag @explosmofficial with #CyanideSYOA Deadline is September 13th Help our poor buddy out won't you? Meme

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