You're now chatting with a random stranger Say hi! Stranger Hi You yo You f-16 You but You ya already know me Stranger How You that plane ya know? Stranger No??? You omg Stranger What You wooosh Stranger Who are yo You omg You go on reddit You and look up rwoooosh Stranger I dont have that You cuz you are going there You ok You so i explain it to you Stranger I'm not going there Stranger I don't know u bro You woosh is the sound of the joke flying over you're head Stranger Oh You yeeah Stranger Ok You soo Stranger Yea You its ok if i put you there? You a print of this? Stranger Where You in the subreddit of people getting wooshed? Stranger Subreddit? You you know reddit? Stranger No sorry I don't know what that is You its a social network Stranger Ok You where there is lots of comunitys You one of them in rwoooosh Stranger Ok You its a subreddit full of prints of people missing jokes You can i put a print of this convo? Stranger Ok Stranger Sorry I don't know you Stranger I'm real sorry You yeahbut Stranger What You can i put a print of this conversation in a comunity of people missing jokes? Stranger has disconnected This is just a mess and a good reason to never use Omegle because it just makes you look like a idiot Meme

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