yourfriendlymanatee 8h I'm not gay but there's plenty of pictures of me in similar poses Reply 960 DookieSpeak S6h haha same Once when I was on the beach with my bro I tripped on the sand I was falling but managed to catch myself on my bro's trunks but they came down with my weight Unfortunately l fell forward in such a way that his dick ended up in my mouth It was so embarrassing So I tried to dislodge myself by rocking back and forth for about 10 minutes because it was stuck in my mouth and my bro was trying to help by thrusting in and out to help dislodge his member It took over 15 minutes for the ordeal to end and unfortunately my bro busted a bro-nut because of all the friction it happens! I hope all the people who saw me didn't think l was a gay Soooo embarrassing but it can happen to anyone! l've been there lol 874 0-100 in a blink of an eye Meme

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