Youtube Comments on Video Game OST Starter Pack i sTaRteD to cRy wHen i heARd tHis Avatar most likely related to these Animal UNDERTALE Some Cringy Name a fucking century ago Friend does something Me Quirky reaction related to game insert emoticonemoji Something edgy EDIT Thanks for 2 likes! EDIT 2 Thanks for support! EDIT 3 Life story EDIT rib 256K REPLY Crossin SUPER Some anime View 500 replies v Attempt at a made-up convo HE LEGEND OF A Something related to the game from which the ost was made Some made-up lyrics to go with soundtrack Ahh those memories of EDIT Thanks for likes! EDIT 2 OMG MOST LIKES EVER HADIAM LITERALLY CRYING AND SHAKIN Nostalgia gushing about how they played it when they were younger Waking up Christmas morning to get game *some year* was a simpler time A better time rib 13 1 REPLY View 2 replies v *someone misses joke* rWOOSH LMAO G *obscure reference* *edgysexual jokes* new thing BAD old thing GOOD 35K REPLY dOnT prEsS rEaD mOre Humor straight out of iFunny Re-upload Comments on Video Game OST Starter Pack Meme

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