Zedtown DTOW Tickets are sold out! Just a couple of important points to remember about your Blasters 1 Blasters have to be brightly coloured 2 Blasters have to have an orange tip And that's about all the rules! Just keep it safe fair and fun Cheers! Like Comment Like Reply 30 mins Zedtown Prety cool butineeds to be brighty coloured and have an orange tip Like Reply 30 mins hey waht about minee? Like Reply 29 mins Zedtown Again cool-but needs to tollow the rules listed above Like Reply 29 mins can i use this? Like Reply 27 mins Zedtown No bats someone would deftinitely get hurt i's a game of tag Like Reply 27 mins is this mod ok? Like Reply 14 mins Zedtown You've just taped a bread knife to a blaster Lose then it'll be ine Like- Reply 14 mins e knife how about now? Like Reply 24 mims Zedtown Now youve just taped the bread knife to a cheese grater Like Reply 14 mins Like Reply 14 mins Zedtown No Like Reply 14 min is this blaster ok? Like Reply 27 mins Zedtown is that an actual Rame thrower? Dude No Like Repy how bout my blaster? Like Reply 20 mins Zedtown That's not a blaster Thats a chicken Like Reply 20 mins Like Reply 20 mins w Zedtown No Like Reply Just now Old but good Meme

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