Zeru @DoubleStraps 6m To put it in perspective of percentage this is the equivalent of a person making $50k donating $16 CNN @CNN Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie are donating $33 million to send 1000 Dreamers to college cnnit2Ezh3So 01 17 Show this thread dagwolf therogueprofessor dagwolf therogueprofessor bizarrodf isn’t that really good then if you could donate 16$ to improve 1000 people’s lives wouldn’t you? Also no one is forcing them to donate a thing to anyone Would this person rather them just keep their money to themselves? what does the bottom of a boot taste like? ????? Never mind that this amount is laughably small they donated it to an organization that only provides financial aid to DACA students with the highest GPA In other words they’re donating in a way that will see the money returned to them in the form of a tax break of some kind and in a way that reaffirms the cruel aristocratic social order where rich nobles handpick a few poor youth to patronize in hopes that they will become future managers or researchers for their businesses In no way imaginable for you me and them is this gift a means to equality and fairness In fact it’s a form of racist nationalism that demands assimilation without even being willing to award citizenship in return Meme

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