Ziel Gold Knight of Anza Ash Knight Elicia Prophet of GearsS S Shrine Servant Mana Magnet Each Turn +1+1 End of Turn Caique Resolve 1 Each Turn Give condom creature on your board caduding Elicia +a42 Hunt Each TureSumona Phantasmlaseotocandom cmptyepascon your board JEDO Elemental Sprite Prophecy Baraghast the Merciless S Geredda Masked Killer S Unigue Each Turn Killa random creature on your board excluding Geredda Success Killordom Creature on youropposent's board and ga o1 Sell Gain 7Le Redrew Each Turn Erase an opposing creature withN Hunt 4 PRISONERS Juri Architect of Light Worldwalker's Curse Flame-wrought Psion Unstable Mutant C EachTern Goife for cach Defant WipoDehent Spiriton pour Coard Initulre Erase candom Ginder ce your board Seccess gaiboco SyellErancall Corpses on your bond Targetorowonerpnento bord Pheratureindhatrow civeloteaadcorpo crsed End of Tur Returecrandom crcature to yonoposento nd and give itSlow Successe deal 1 dimago to UstabL Mutant 3 JOANNE PRISONER 3 Bel Ashen Hierophant Leyline Stag Listless Devourer Dark Resonance B Each Turn Deal 2 damage to a random opposing creature End of Turn Deal damage too randomopposing creature Uaique End of Turn If there are Itlize Gokofor each Soulless creature lay Spell Kitarget creature on your board Redraw 3 GiOL Cor more creatures on your board Erase all creatures on your board Summon Energred Devourer in Candom space on your board 3 4 JEDO JEDO 2 5 Sick of P2W Developing my own card game Meme

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