Zoé Samudzi @ztsamudzi FollowV I celebrate Cinco de Mayo because l'm deeply grateful for how French defeat at Puebla prevented them from resupplying the Confederate Army RETWEETS LIKES 547 Zoé Samudzi @ztsamudzi Follow ﹀ If Napoleon Ill had been able to make Mexico a French satellite there's a chance the Union would not have won the Civil War RETWEETS LIKES 107 160 Zoé Samudzi @ztsamudzi Follow Slo General Ignacio Zaragoza and all the soldiers of the Mexican Army that defeated the French in that battle RETWEETS LIKES 100 174 Zoé Samudzi @ztsamudzi Follow Don't let white people pushing tacos and tequila bury the cultural and historical importance of this day RETWEETS LIKES 127 236 nevaehtyler THIS Meme

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