Zo!!! @Zoeyoxley A series of unfortunate events Messages Hel turnitin Assignment Inbox preferences the class homepage you can see all your assignments for your class view additional assignment Welcome to your new class homepage! From information submit your work and access feedback for your papers Hover on any item in the class homepage for more information Class Homepage This is your class homepage To submit to an assignment click on the Submit button to the right of the assignment name If the Sub submissions can be made to the assignment If resubmissions are allowed the submit button will readR assignment To view the paper you have submitted click the View button Once the assignment's post date has passed you feedback left on your paper by clicking the View button esubmit after you make your first submission to the Assignment Inbox Viewing Performance 487046-1 nfo Dates Similarity Start 13-Sep-2018 800PM Not Pre-Performance Paper Wind Symphony & Symphonic B and Subrmit View O Due 18-Sep-2018 1159PM Available Post 24-Sep-2018 900AM Post 1229 holy shet???? Meme

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