ZODIACAPPEARANCES They're the strong silent looking type even when they're the loudest person in the room They tend to have sharp angular features They have piercing eyes and appear intimidating be wary of eye contact you may find yourself under their control Aries Scorpio They've got round gentle features Their faces are circular and have a milk and honey complexion They've got your mother's eyesTheir bodies appear soft and malleable curvaceous and sensuous like a modern day Aphrodite Taurus Cancer Libra They're long and lean gaunt and all limbs Their bodies are fit and youthful Their arms are filled with books and liquor bottles Their eyes are magnifying glasses taking in everything you do They have the body of a titan ready to take on the world Gemini Virgo Capricorn Their bodies were not formed in the womb they were created by the cosmos Their short and thin features are contrasted by angles and circular eyes They fit the entire universe in their eyes Aquarius Pisces They have a fierce look but in the way where you're not scaredThey're a foreign land but you're not scared because you remembered being here You might get lost in their eyes but they'llguide you back home Their face is a ferris wheel of emotions and expressions Leo Sagittarius Meme

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