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Ass, Children, and Creepy: AT&T 7:58 PM pretti-princess oxo but is actually Nevaeh Hey 15f Scorpio Bi Premium snap $15 Into older guys Luv to smoke a blunt Pizza is life Message me,I won't tell ;) all AT&T 7:58 PM pretti-princess QOå Follow ustabiglover said What is included in your premium? Daily ass and panty pics. Occasionally I post something more ;) I also chat on there a lot and am a lot more responsive than on here. 67 notes Message me if u are interested in my premium snap) #sexy pic #spoil me #single #selfie #cutie #cute girls #cute #virgin #lips #like for more #older men #fill my inbox #inbox me #message me #panties #p See all 315 notes all AT&T 7:58 PM pretti-princess QOå Follow 20 notes My snap I had got banned So I decided to make a premium snap for $15 You get added forever and I'll post stories daily plus sexy stuff. Hmu if ur interested AT&T 7:59 PM daddys-littlecherry Q 6 8 Follow CRYBABY Little Ilove my Daddy| NSFWIblah blah blah 18+ please POSTS FOLLOWING pretti-princess Nevaeh Follow keefinupwiththejoneses Mostly about Cannabis. Follow baby-princess-c Little Space Follow littlemsdangerous Just a Little Dangerous Follow quietbella 18+ rosynymphett quietbella: littlesativabug: quietbella: Stay safe. Mark your NSFW blogs as 18+. Report underage girls selling porn, it’s illegal. Keep children out of inappropriate communities. Prevent adults from manipulating little girls on the Internet. 🔞 Please share this and make sure this minor and minor supporter are not following you 🔞 pretti-princess.tumblr.com is a fifteen year old who sells a private Snapchat featuring “ass and thong pics, occasionally more”?! If you ever think checking your followers is a waste of time, here is another perfect example of why you should monitor the people who follow you. The user daddys-littlecherry.tumblr.com sent me a DM and I went to her “following” page only see she follows a LOT of my mutuals, and at the top of the page? A 15 year old child. If you don’t approve of minors in kink or minor supporters, then BLOCK: Pretti-princess.tumblr.com Pretti-princess.tumblr.com Pretti-princess.tumblr.comAnd Daddys-littlecherry.tumblr.com Daddys-littlecherry.tumblr.com Daddys-littlecherry.tumblr.comAND REBLOG THIS POST Please go to this blog and just start reporting every dude sending her asks about buying her shit. They are all clearly adults this is so wrong. It’s creepy that I started to go to block the dudes interacting with her and I already had most of them blocked.. That too! ↑