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Animals, Beautiful, and Disney: Timeless classics disney shouldn't ruin DUMB0 LIO JungleBook underrated action packed disney movies perfect for live action adaptations I REASuru celticpyro: Good point. A lot of the problem with the movies Disney is remaking as “live action’ is that they’re not MEANT to be live action. Many of them had a distinct use of art style, talking animals, and visual elements that simply don’t look as nice in a hyperrealistic medium no matter how well you apply special effects. And a lot of elements are so fantastical that you’d need copius amounts of CGI to replicate it in ‘real’ life but you still wouldn’t get the same feel. The digitally-rendered animals in The Lion King look awkward. Dumbo looks nightmarish with his humanlike eyes. Beauty and the Beast felt lackluster with its dull realism instead of the saturated animation. Now, Atlantis and Treasure Planet would work brilliantly in a realistic medium because it deals with mostly-human characters and visual effects in those movies would transition flawlessly into live action. The alien creatures of Treasure Planet, the pirate’s ships and technology would look beautiful if rendered into realism. Atlantis would work even better with an all-human cast and their technology, and it’d doubly work as a chance to cast nonwhite actors into lead roles.

celticpyro: Good point. A lot of the problem with the movies Disney is remaking as “live action’ is that they’re not MEANT to be live actio...

Dancing, Disney, and Drinking: y Carl brydeswhale: mcloveleigh: peathefeary: brunhiddensmusings: protectblkwomen: badgyal-k: meanmisscharles: lessdanthree: what drugs were they on when they made this Cab Calloway rotascoped! Whoever thought of this was drinking absinthe Thanks, Now I have nightmares this was long before cartoons were ever thought of as ‘for kids’, the target audience of this one was roughly 20-40betty boop cartoons featuring cab calloway singing, yes, but slang has changed so much you dont realize he was singing about opium, sugar daddies, death, weed, sex, booze, and gambling back when gambling was nearly as tabboo as sex and drugs. ‘minnie the moocher’ where cab calloway is a dancing walrus is specifically about someone who does literally everything on that list but die most of the animation studios had their ‘thing’ to make their animation stand out, disney had fluid motion linked with quality music, warner brothers had top notch dialogue with carefully crafted facial expressions, MGM had comedic timing down to the individual frame that no live action comedian could dream of achieving, terrytoons had the budget of a ham sandwitch and a fistfull of nickelsfleischer studios however had authentic jazz and heavy toned subject matter, often crossing the line of what we think of as ‘cartoon violence’ into realistic idk why this is making me so emotional??? I love this. I’ve always had a love for cartoons This was what they were trying to emulate with the highway man’s song in over the garden wall.
Click, Complex, and Microsoft: Java Developer Aclat, Incorporated Posted: Sep 29, 2014 DIVISION IT DURATION 6+ Months 40 Hrs/week APPROXIMATE HOURS PER WEEK QUALIFICATIONS Any Degree COMPENSATION Paid TYPE DESCRIPTION JavaScript, also known as Java for short, is a scripting language that allows interactivity on websites. For instance, Java allows users to see different images based on where they scroll or click their mouse on the site. Java developers are the experts who work closely with team members, end-users and vendors to test and create websites that are easy to navigate for web visitors Java developers are responsible for programming JavaScript on commercial websites to create moving images, drop-down menus, animation and different sounds and music. These professionals also work closely with JavaScript to enable security settings that validate users and process business transactions. Java developers frequently communicate with their management team and end-users to ensure that the scripting language addresses user and business requirements improves website functionality, and enhances the overall design and usability of the site. Other duties for java developers include gathering and documenting user requirements, analyzing data and conducting unit and quality assurance testing Java developers should be highly analytical and technologically savvy, with strong problem-solving skills. Employers prefer candidates who have expertise with JavaScript development, as well as experience working with HTML, JSP, EJB, Eclipse and Microsoft SQL Server. Candidates should also have a proficiency in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Viseo. The ability to pay close attention to detail develop creative solutions for complex and abstract problems and concentrate for Employer Profile Javascript also known as Java for short!

Javascript also known as Java for short!

Love, Tumblr, and Thank You: scifiseries: Thank you all for your love on my animation, as promised, 16x9 4K looping wallpaper with HQ Download. Link below.

scifiseries: Thank you all for your love on my animation, as promised, 16x9 4K looping wallpaper with HQ Download. Link below.

Aladdin, Definitely, and Disney: Scott "Hug Honey" Fearichs Fun fact: I once asked Jeff Goode (creator of Jake Long: American Dragon) at a furry con, "How do you feel about people making lewd art of your characters?" He said, "Oh, Disney sat me down and showed me a bunch of Kim Possible porn and said, 'This will happen to your show. 10-50 PM 26 Oct 2018 19 Retweets 42 Likes (e e'。叭魁 D ( ) Three things I find hilarious about this: 1: Jeff Goode goes to Furry Cons 2: Disney acknowledges and prepares show creators that their show will, most definitely, become porn. 3: Disney has examples on hand of how said show will, most definitely become porn. faeforge Pmtilll Disney doesn't just have examples of said pornl! Ok story time. Yeaaaars ago i dated an animator chick. During that short time together we ran around a lot and met a bunch of industry people in our area One of them used to work for Disney, So we are hanging out at his apartment and conversation being what it is he kinda says "hold on and goes off to dig in the closet. He comes back and sets down a couple STACKS (and im talking foot high) of printer paper. What followed were a couple hours of hysterical laughing as we paged through a history of Disney animation- porn edition See Disney has this weird rule in their artist contracts- everything you create while in their employ is THEIRS. Even in the off time. Its one of the reasons they are reviled in the industry But the rule was set in place to basically steal good ideas from their staff or force them to ONLY work on Disney ip's while employed. The jokes on them though. They didn't count on most artists being giant perverts (this story is also why i laugh when people tell me drawing smut will 'ruin your art career) Sol Disney being bastards ended up earning them smut of everything they've ever created. And also per their policies they had to keep it. Every artist knew about the smut vaulad our buddy here had photocopieda chunk of it. Yes... 2-3 feet of smut was just a chunk of it. Snow white? Rescue rangers? Goofy? Minnie? Micky? Beauty and the beast? Aladdin? Yup you name it it was there. Some of it was mild. The topless little mermaid stuff made sense at least. Some was raunchy as hell ALL OF IT in the animation style of the films and shows. So yes, not only does Disney know there will be porn, have the porn, but they official porn. You're welcome. Source: maswartz rg3ef tg5yhb645rvtctghyygtfrgt5hy6ujio7m6u5yntrdfdx