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Time to run these poems straight into the ground 😎: smi Today 6:33 PM Like I said, mine usually wind up in poetry. I think this was an outlier for us both tbh Tell u what a write you a poem to help drown out the murderwedding Shakespearean sonnet, limerick, or Dr Seuss style? And then I'd need a topic hmm dr seuss styles seems different i actually don't mind the murder wedding topic Sooo a Dr. Seuss poem about a Because if so, comin' right up Today 719 PM yup. key to my heart right there The church bells ka-klangered with rupturous sound as everyone gathered and crowded The Whofolk of Whoville all smiled with to witness the wedding of woman and boy. We're gathered today, the Lorax Up here on the hill with my favorite tree These two will trade vows, together and then let the murderous bloodshed The man did step forward and proffered and stared in her eyes and was lost for a while. But soon did the moment return him with haste as he reached for pages he'd tucked in his waist My Sally, my love, words cannot the love that I feel in my heart and my brain. The feelings come in in a wondrous flood so I have to have have you to kill in cold I promise you this, my dear Sam I Am, I'd poison your breakfast of green eggs and ham. I meant what I said and I said what I I promise I'll kill you, one hundred The crowd did applaud and gushed out their 'awwws and then did soon fall. and then did soon fall a quite tangible pause The Lorax stepped forward, his face in And now let the murdering bloodfest Horton stomped guests into glittering refusing to listen to screams of a Who He tossed a man up, straight up in the airl And down he did crash through a woody old chair Thing One and Thing Two both did pull and squeezed on the triggers.. oh what such good fun They gunned down the Lorax with rat-a- tat-tat but then came their boss the nefarious Cat He waitzed up to One and did toss his hat free and said "give your gun, you should give it to me!" "I can't give it, Cat.. 'd be a sitting duck!" But the Cat didin't give one flippity-flap- flying fuck. He pushed on a button and watched his machine a horrific titan that loomed over scene Its arms and its gloves all did spin all knocking off heads quite scary no doubt! But then Sam I Am gave and leaped through the air- wow, did a furious roar, He tossed a He tossed a grenade right into Cat's seat and Booml all that lay were two smoking cat feet. All 'cross the field, corpses bled rainbow hues, which pooled up and squished with each step into shoes The bride and the groom were t two to stand and there they embraced, both with blades in their hand he last A flash and a crack, and then both coughed in sync and down to their knees both in unison slinked. As darkness closed in, with stopping of they shared one more kiss... "ill death do us part Today 8:15 PM that was the best thing i've ever read we can get married now i'm ready Time to run these poems straight into the ground 😎