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Gif, God, and Krispy Kreme: Billy, Just Billy @BillyArmagh A Sassy Gay Republican DRAMA in Four Acts. Sassy Gay Republican @sassygayrepub As a young adult in perfect health, why should I be FORCED to pay for insurance l don't want and likely won't need? 06/03/2017, 22:37 7 Retweets 8 Likes Sassy Gay Republican @sassygayrepub Yo Bernie, you're a self-proclaimed "expert" on healthcare. Tell me...how many are dying in these massive wait lists for "free healthcare?" 2017-08-12, 2:30 PM 59 Retweets 146 Likes Sassy Gay Republican 2017-08-12 v Replying to @sassygayrepub I know when Krispy Kreme gives "free" donuts there's an hour long wait line so I was wondering how many come & wait for "free" healthcare? Sassy Gay Republican @sassyg.. .6d v Just letting you guys know I'm in recovery. If you have the time, please read. If you can, please help out & share. dl Serious Car Accident As many of you know, I was involved... gofundme.com Sassy Gay Republican @sassy....21h Guys pls pray for me during this rough time. Really didn't plan on insurance bailing on me. I'Il see what God wants me to do. 55 t34270 Sassy Gay Republican @sassy.. 21h v Insurance: Don't worry, we've got you covered!:) Me: *files claim* Thank you!! Insurance: LMAO! Ur on ur own & we raising ur rates. Sassy Gay Republican @sassy... 21h What do you recommend I do from here on out? Talk to Ins? Hire a Lawyer? File for Bankruptcy. My insurance doesn't wanna cover collision. tethmos: gwens-deaf-auntie: God sometimes karma comes through clutch

tethmos: gwens-deaf-auntie: God sometimes karma comes through clutch