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A Dream, Ass, and Bad: Every real nigga watched cinemax and HBO porn when their mom was asleep on mute with cartoon network on Last". eGuloro2 15 if you never did this and you a guy you a straight bitch( Riley freeman voice). It was around the time we first got cable in my house. I was tired of using a hangar to get reception for disney channel to watch That So Raven. Nah fam before i continue let me clarify that every real nigga watched that show cause raven was thick as fuck and i wanted to see myself in her future tearing it up. This night started when i had a bad dream about getting crossed in ball. Actually it wasn’t a dream because when i woke up i had my ankle brace on. I was fat at the time so i went to the kitchen to eat the twinkles off the top of the fridge. I turn on the tv eating my twinkie when i remember my bro Kev telling me about channel 512. I turned to it and saw my first porno “ Busty Cops‘’. I thought it was boring untill these bitches started fckin the criminals. To be safe U had the last channel on Aqua teen hunger force. I'm sitting there wondering why they not showing no private parts? Deception. Im watching these bitches play in the bath tub when i feel a dark presence behind me. Power levels had me trembling i press last on the remote smoothly when i heard “turn it back guy". it was my grandpa. I thought it was a rhetorical question when this nigga grabbed my neck and said “do it boy". I felt like a hostage plus he was in the army too so i knew he would have knocked me out the way they do in battlefield. I changed it back. you know i thought he was gonna tear my ass up. Nigga ended up watching it with me. That was the first time we spent quality time together. See there is good that can come out of porn. 2 days later my grandma caught him watching that shit. smh he got hooked and fvcked it up for us. We no longer have HBO.