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Future, Joe Biden, and Obama: [-] Stratgibson (+1] 12.6k points 20 hours ago I think Obama should resign a few days early just so Joe gets to be the 45th President for the next week. He deserves it permalink source embed save save-RES report give gold reply hide child comments [-] Andrado O(+1] 3041 points 19 hours ago* (last edited 8 hours ago) It would be hilarious, though. Trump has already received gifts bearing "45th President of the United States" and is planning his big inauguration. Obama would tap out and Biden would get his own swearing in, which would completely take the wind out of the sails of Trump's inauguration, and Trump would get bumped to 46th president. In the meantime, Biden would use the opportunity to pass an irrevocable 100 year funding package for Amtrak, create a national Ice Cream Hall of Fame, pardon everyone Obama might want to but couldn't because of legacy issues, and put a portrait of "Joe and Barry hanging out in the Rose Garden" right outside Trump's future bedroom. He would deliver an inaugural address, state of the union, pre-pardon a turkey, and farewell address, all in the space of a week. Biden could even buy the building next door to the Russian embassy and make it the Joe Biden Presidential Library, with a big arrow of lights pointing to the neighbors saying "twats." (I'm clearly not being serious, this should go without saying.) Edit: First gold! Thank you reddit stranger! permalink source embed save save-RES parent report give gold reply bootycap: (x)