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Neuroscientist discovers LinkedIn user's rare brain type.: 69% 23:30 K- create revenue growth | Sales Strategy | Behaviour Change. 13h I was attacked! A random attack in a bar, several years ago. It left me unconscious and in the hands of a neuroscience specialist. That moment changed my life forever, For the GOOD! While being tested the consultant discovered something which has been a blessing. Up until that moment, I knew I was good at Maths, and my IQ was above average, but that was it I had a rare Brain type was being told that my brain wasn't normal. How does anyone know their version of normal is, well, normal? I soon gave up traditional work, knowing that I have always done well in my career as I took the 'traditional process' and added the perspective of behaviours to it... but what if my theories and idea were truly unique? I needed to explore that. l wanted to know how humans make decisions and how that changes based on the product service, time of day, mood and emotions l explored the conscious and unconscious mind looking at eave your thoughts here... 69% 23:30 K- marketing, sales, culture, strategy and complicated stuff like addiction, trauma and abuse Here l am 3.5 years later with 22 case studies under my belt, results ranging between 60-700% above industry average benchmarks Everyone is a little bit weird. We just have to give ourselves permission to follow our dreams Now to do the same for an employer! #ONO 39 likes 6 comments Like Comment Share Likes Comments Sort by Top C LATAM Account Manager now I'll take Things That Didn't Happen' for $1000 please, Alex Leave your thoughts here... Neuroscientist discovers LinkedIn user's rare brain type.

Neuroscientist discovers LinkedIn user's rare brain type.