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Food, Memes, and Money: @pipesmalone just wanna share something cool i read in my book today that i didn't know!! mo THE POWER OF KINDNESS who had known the torment of hunger, were now ready to give up their food to show their solidarity to other human e money tw carity tor all es When the terrible September 11 terrorist attack took place, most of the world knew in a matter of minutes. But some people heard about it much later. A tribe in South Kenya, in an area remote from Western technology, learned about the attack only seven or eight months later. I do not know how these people, who are not in the least acquainted with our world, imagine it to be, and what they understood about the catastrophe. But they realized a tragedy had oc- curred. Dressed in their multicolored garments, they held a solemn meeting and decided they would send their most precious possession-sixteen cows-to the people of New York to help them in this difficult moment. These people, beings they had never met. Generosity is exactly this: to give that which is dearest to us. It is an act that transforms us. After it, we will be poorer, but we will feel richer. Perhaps we will feel less equipped and secure, but we will be freer. We will have made the world we live in a little kinder. 159 โ€˜The power of kindnessโ€™ Tag someone amazing ๐Ÿ’• @peopleareamazing @peopleareamazing @peopleareamazing

โ€˜The power of kindnessโ€™ Tag someone amazing ๐Ÿ’• @peopleareamazing @peopleareamazing @peopleareamazing