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Apparently, Church, and Food: siniristiriita siniristiriita Guys, I did the math I did not get clear data on the specific era, but considering how nutrition has affected human height over history, it would be safe to assume that an average man 2000 years ago would be shorter than an average man today. While one's genetics and therefore ancestry - do affect height, I found no sufficiently satisfying and reliable data on how ethnicity comes to this, so l've elected to ignore it, and estimated the most likely average height of an adult galilean israelite man to be about 160 cm Assuming that a combination of an active lifestyle involving a lot of walking and having unreliable food sources would end one up on the lower end of the BMI scale. A BMI of 19.5 would amount to roughly 50 kilos The volume of blood in a human body is roughly 7% of one's body weight, so that would mean 7,5 kg of blood and 42,7 kg of body If a box of 1000 communion wafers weights 0,25 kg, then one unit is about 0,00025 kg. The average serving of the wine is estimably 140 ml. If we assume that the ratios of wine and blood, and bread and body are 1:1, that would be 170 000 wafers. Since the density of blood is 1,04 g/cc, 140 ml would be about 145 grams. That is roughly 52 servings of wine. Therefore, the limiting factor is the dry mass The catholic church allows one to receive communion up to twice per day. So if you attend twice per day, every single day, it would take you roughly 232 years to consume an entire Jesus 9 notes the mystery that apparently needed solving

the mystery that apparently needed solving