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Animals, Dude, and Fucking: What are aninmals? If you have been around for a bit you might have heard of them before. But just WHAT exacntly are aninals? It's simple: animals are little people just like you or me. Over twenty different types of animnals have been discovered so far. Here is the most common ones that you can find: flopwop slippery tube dude fuckingf STUPld idiot comon doggo t special doggo vengeance What are aninmals? part 2 Now we all know what anmals are. But what are they like? Do they live in a house? what is their favourite televeision program to watch? Well you have come to the right place my friend. Here is an in-depth explamation of some of the most common aminals moon doggo tpe: doggo This kind of doggo used to live on the moon, but they were exiled to earth because they screamed ALL THE TIME. Now they spend most of their time screaming at the moon. They have not learned their lesson. the swooshmaster type: rocket Likely some form of angel, this creature can often be found descending from heaven in order to mock us. They can also melt objects with their mind. ice type: law enforcement This buge is about 6 feet tall and has thick armour which can deflect bullets, katana, and harsh insults. They use this power for good, mediating conflicts throughout the animal kingdom type: ???? Probably some kind of doggo, this creature is very hard to earn about because it can turn invisible at will. This is the only picture there is. What are aninmals? part 3 If you even exist then you have prombably asked yourself the quistion, do anmials get in a fight? who win? can they do a roundhouse kick? what are their special abilities? Lucky for you, today we will lay these qeustions to rest by looking at a few animnals that science has recently discovered death fighting style: ponch/kick special ability: call forth spirits "gghzhrhrhhrg mystery worm ighting style: wrestle &pestl special ability: fuck em up "todays special offer is on one-way tieket's to pound toun special doggo big joe fighting style: theoretical deconstruction special ability: warmth beam fighting style: loud screams special ability: stop time -お前はもう死んでいる" What are aninmals? part 4 Now that sientists have discovared over 30 aninals, you may have more quistions to ask, such as what aninmal is the strongests? where do the aninals doing a pee? can i eat the aninals without riskng INDIGESTION? these and other such qustions will be answeerd here special delivery bype: postman life tyre: oreo Closehy related to bumenens, this aninal sboots spider webs from its wrists to move fromm bouse to bouse to deliver your daily post When this brown aninmal isn't being dunked in milk, it does a float down rivers to sa ev childron and women who get lost at sea or thrown overborde by pirate dog gos. ather christma s ype: bappiness thie type ba stand Evry december, this small creeture, believed to be some kind of fat tube dude, wil send presents to the childran across the world who haen been nice to aninals through the year If you havnt been nice, he sends bomlh. This sneeky fucking f ST UPId idiot will steal whatever he can get his gloves on. It is believed they survive on a diet of greggs and polo mints.