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Memes, Macbook, and Macbook Air: @cd einememez You ever nut so quick you be ashamed of yourself after? So you try to prove yourself by nutting to a pic of your dead grandpa to see how long it will take, but you nut even faster. Then you realize how much of a fucked up person you are and you make a meme page. And when you post a meme you only get 3 likes and 1 comment, and it just says: "Kys" So you quit your meme page and resort to cutting but you quicky realize it's for pussies. So you put the knife down and cry yourself to sleep but your anxiety and crippling depression keeps you awake at night. Then you have an existential crisis and realize life is just an endless cycle of death that cannot be stopped so you decide suicide is the only answer. But when you try to look up how to kill yourself on Google it gives you some random number so you throw your $800 MacBook Air at the wall in frustration and it shatters. So you stand there feeling like an idiot and a complete failure. You're so stupid you cant even figure out how to end your worthless existence. So instead of moping around, you decide to be productive, and go for a walk. But before you reach the door your Ex texts you and says she tested positive AIDS. Knowing you have AIDS, you decide to just take a bath to relax, and lock the door so you're not disturbed. But when you're taking a bath your 6 year old Siberian sex slave kicks the door down and finesses your cheeks. But you don't attempt to move because you have AIDS anyway. But yea can anyone relate? TTStorytime