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Beautiful, Facebook, and Life: Tim Hortons Yesterday at 2:17pm- Dear Tim Hortons, It is with a great pang in my heart that I show you the image of the recent and traumatizing death of my lover that occurred today at approximately 4pm EDT. Upon opening your bag to bask in the glory of my chocolate dip goodness, I once again had to witness the tearing of icing flesh from the dough I oh so love I shudder as I write this In my efforts to scrape the sweet nectar from the inside of the bag with my teeth, it ripped and I regretfully ate some of the bag. At that point, it was too late to turn back, I had to get my money's worth. I am not proud of the things I have done, Tim, but know that in my moments of sorrow, only your rich brown sugar paste could console me This is but one of many casualties that I have horrifically had to experience while being a faithful Tim Hortons customer (and thereby making me an honorary Canadian citizen). Please come to a solution where the deaths of chocolate dip doughnuts and its brethren will no longer have to suffer at the unmerciful hands of Tim Hortons bags all over the country I have seen so much.. I don't know if lI'll ever be the same. Hold me, Tim Hortons. Please, just hold me 8 08 2 ng Thanks so much forX Tim Hortons Dear your beautiful and moving eulogy. We are so sorry to hear about your donut. Although we can never bring it back to life as it once was, we would like to help fill the void. Please send us a private Facebook message with your contact information so we can make this right and take steps towards saving other donuts from a similar fate. Sincerely Tim Hortons Like . Reply-D 693-4 hrs . Edited