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The Birchwood: saurons-optometrist Follow siniristiriita Having a phone with an internet is such a fucking luxury, though? Like, in the 1980's, if l on a saturday night suddenly needed to find out whether birch trees and the Wendingo myth were native to the same areas, Iwould have to wait until the library opens on monday, go in hoping they have books on trees that happen to mention where birches have spread globally, and then ask if they have any books on the myths and folklore of native americans, receive a weird look from the librarian, find our that there's one book in another library next town over, but it's being borrowed by someone else, wait two weeks to get it, and then read the entire damn thing only to discover that this one doesnt mention wendingos at all And I just got my answer with two google searches, in less than two minutes The answer is yes vegansamstudies kcough coughk where did this question come from??? siniristiriita Well, I'm from Finland, and as a first thing, if there's one thing to know about Finland, it's full of birch trees. Also, at this time of the year, the sun sets early so it's completely black out there at 4 pm. These things do happen in the northern hemisphere. I couldn't get a proper picture, but this is roughly what a birchwood looks at night It's actually way, way creepier when the sky is black and everything is dark, and it's freezing cold because Mother Nature does not love us. Also, humans are good at pattern recognition and creeping the shit out of themselves. Now consider Source: siniristiriita 38 notes The Birchwood