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Arguing, Ariel, and DeMarcus Cousins: 12:26 PM Tweet Ariel Celeste @arielsqueaks "but I nEED To OWn GUNs iN CASe I HavE To DEfEND MYself AgAINST AN İNtruDER" ok but I'm.pretty certain you don't need a automatic. 2/20/18, 10:58 PM for that View Tweet activity 2 Likes Add another Tweet <p><a href="http://friendly-neighborhood-patriarch.tumblr.com/post/176323034267/russiansupport" class="tumblr_blog">friendly-neighborhood-patriarch</a>:</p> <blockquote><p><a href="http://russian--support.tumblr.com/post/176322915232/friendly-neighborhood-patriarch" class="tumblr_blog">russian–support</a>:</p> <blockquote><p><a href="http://friendly-neighborhood-patriarch.tumblr.com/post/176322834387/russiansupport-theidledrifter" class="tumblr_blog">friendly-neighborhood-patriarch</a>:</p> <blockquote><p><a href="http://russian--support.tumblr.com/post/176322727632/theidledrifter-russiansupport" class="tumblr_blog">russian–support</a>:</p> <blockquote><p><a href="https://theidledrifter.tumblr.com/post/176322572207/russiansupport-lightofliberty" class="tumblr_blog">theidledrifter</a>:</p> <blockquote><p><a href="http://russian--support.tumblr.com/post/176321705962/lightofliberty-arielsqueaks-i-tweeted-this-a" class="tumblr_blog">russian–support</a>:</p> <blockquote><p><a href="https://lightofliberty.tumblr.com/post/176320875866/arielsqueaks-i-tweeted-this-a-few-months-ago" class="tumblr_blog">lightofliberty</a>:</p><blockquote> <p><a href="http://arielsqueaks.tumblr.com/post/176163540856/i-tweeted-this-a-few-months-ago-edit-allow-me" class="tumblr_blog">arielsqueaks</a>:</p> <blockquote> <p>I tweeted this a few months ago</p> <p> Edit: Allow me to be more specific. You don’t need an ak-47 or an ar-15 for that </p> </blockquote> <p>U can’t even get an AK-47 anywhere &amp; I need whichever gun I want. 🙄</p> </blockquote><p>So OP wants me to use only a bolt action rifle which typically fires a 7.62x51mm/.308 or a shotgun, both of which cause greater damage to the target and/or the surrounding area than say a 9mm or a .223/5.56x45mm? </p><p>I would prefer to kill the intruder and only them than to also potentially kill my neighbor or anyone in the adjacent rooms. I’d like the round to bounce around inside my enemy and not go through him.</p><p>Picture below to help you understand the big numbers, OP</p><figure class="tmblr-full" data-orig-height="666" data-orig-width="1200"><img src="https://78.media.tumblr.com/2d56e0c01b5cf39f3f5fa1425de78888/tumblr_pci6rxnmD61sy3zw7_540.jpg" data-orig-height="666" data-orig-width="1200"/></figure></blockquote> <p>OP, many home invasions are with teams of 3 to 4 criminals. An AR15 means I can use one magazine to fight them off without reloading. Despite what fiction says. It can take multiple shots to stop someone. Even if such shots are rifle rounds. Also they do make AR carbines chambered for pistol cartridges. </p></blockquote> <figure class="tmblr-full" data-orig-height="250" data-orig-width="450" data-tumblr-attribution="machetelanding:omZd8w4032xPbS8BoYTajw:ZNlj6l1k6MJEt"><img src="https://78.media.tumblr.com/72517c98a24fa35fa2400a9a24828c59/tumblr_nnw4zlexW01uphxvgo1_500.gif" data-orig-height="250" data-orig-width="450"/></figure></blockquote> <p>None of these jusrifications are necessary. Get whatever gun you want cuz it brings you happiness. No more reason needed.</p></blockquote> <p>Necessary, no, but it helps to be articulated against retards like OP.</p><p>Also excellent for home defense:</p><p><br/></p><figure class="tmblr-full" data-orig-height="164" data-orig-width="300" data-tumblr-attribution="monarchofmurder:DoEOMvCoE0nboHenRkxmVA:ZEcbtr2YKY9o6"><img src="https://78.media.tumblr.com/e04c6c36fc910b5b305cf432313e4b11/tumblr_p9dait21VJ1sunravo1_400.gif" data-orig-height="164" data-orig-width="300"/></figure></blockquote> <p>I just get very frustrated sometimes when people feel the need to provide reasons why their rights should be respected.</p><p>It’s not something that needs to be reasoned.</p></blockquote> <p>I agree that rights shouldn’t have to be legitimized because they are simply rights. But it is nice to argue against the asinine “you don’t need that gun for that thing!” argument that’s almost always from people who don’t know shit about guns to begin with. I could shoot a much much bigger round with - hunting gun then with an AR 15, but only the big black scary one is the one that they’re convinced is a death machine.</p>
Fucking, Joker, and Money: <p><a href="http://cisnowflake.tumblr.com/post/174005048626/nunyabizni-itsperegrine" class="tumblr_blog">cisnowflake</a>:</p><blockquote> <p><a href="https://nunyabizni.tumblr.com/post/174002797242/itsperegrine-artemuscain-gamingandbs" class="tumblr_blog">nunyabizni</a>:</p> <blockquote> <p><a href="https://itsperegrine.tumblr.com/post/174002378188/artemuscain-gamingandbs-thatpettyblackgirl" class="tumblr_blog">itsperegrine</a>:</p> <blockquote> <p><a href="http://artemuscain-gamingandbs.tumblr.com/post/174001216214/thatpettyblackgirl-wtf-seriously-hes" class="tumblr_blog">artemuscain-gamingandbs</a>:</p> <blockquote> <p><a href="https://thatpettyblackgirl.tumblr.com/post/173988650021/wtf-seriously" class="tumblr_blog">thatpettyblackgirl</a>:</p> <blockquote> <figure class="tmblr-full" data-orig-height="344" data-orig-width="579"><img src="https://78.media.tumblr.com/8939d1b63cbfa2a38aa21877f701f278/tumblr_inline_p8vam9gozY1vrw93d_540.png" data-orig-height="344" data-orig-width="579"/></figure><figure class="tmblr-full" data-orig-height="722" data-orig-width="577"><img src="https://78.media.tumblr.com/74d32d6c1fc65d338789bc3fafdc7769/tumblr_inline_p8vamcwxMJ1vrw93d_540.png" data-orig-height="722" data-orig-width="577"/></figure><figure class="tmblr-full" data-orig-height="393" data-orig-width="579"><img src="https://78.media.tumblr.com/50cd49a9ef8097c5ecf9670baf3867eb/tumblr_inline_p8vamfYlor1vrw93d_540.png" data-orig-height="393" data-orig-width="579"/></figure><figure class="tmblr-full" data-orig-height="319" data-orig-width="584"><img src="https://78.media.tumblr.com/e23f1b31e854731b29d914415ece05b5/tumblr_inline_p8vamlPwaD1vrw93d_540.png" data-orig-height="319" data-orig-width="584"/></figure><figure class="tmblr-full" data-orig-height="427" data-orig-width="581"><img src="https://78.media.tumblr.com/7db4ad9442849a116cd4bf0f61286d44/tumblr_inline_p8vamsGW4f1vrw93d_540.png" data-orig-height="427" data-orig-width="581"/></figure><figure class="tmblr-full" data-orig-height="543" data-orig-width="580"><img src="https://78.media.tumblr.com/1ee1cf3f6d079d2fba80f95319132cf7/tumblr_inline_p8vamxdGZ01vrw93d_540.png" data-orig-height="543" data-orig-width="580"/></figure><figure class="tmblr-full" data-orig-height="543" data-orig-width="582"><img src="https://78.media.tumblr.com/67e4feec9e7d0cc8db475815d1c8d43b/tumblr_inline_p8vamoVNyo1vrw93d_540.png" data-orig-height="543" data-orig-width="582"/></figure><p>WTF……… Seriously…..</p> </blockquote> <p>He’s talking about ILLEGAL immigrants. Gang members, Drug Runners.<br/><br/>You fucking retards</p> </blockquote> <p>Specifically mentioned MS-13</p> </blockquote> <p>These people will defend anyone if it means they can resist Drumph, there is no humanity left in you if you defend groups like MS-13, they aren’t human themselves in anything other than biology.<br/><br/>They’re like Heath Ledgers portrayal of The Joker, they don’t want money, they just want power and to instill fear in everyone that they encounter.<br/><br/>I wouldn’t put it past AntiFa to try and form a alliance with them now, not that it’s something I would have put past them before since they don’t stand up to actual dangerous people just folks with wrongthink they think they can bully.</p> </blockquote> <p>At this point I don’t know if you people purposely misinterpret what he’s trying to say or if you’re just outright morons. He’s clearly talking about criminals, not every fucking immigrant. </p> </blockquote>
Big Dick, Chill, and Church: ITT: Glorious Retards >be me mormonfag church boring as fuck not really that interested in going, its a cult, mostly do it for my family hate testimony week basically open mic day once a week at church people go up and are supposed to talk about how great god is or whatever, generally just talk about how great they are and what vacation they went on last literally just a big dick measuring contest new family moves into ward pretty unusual situation: single dad, downie kid. we learned way later that he accidentally got a girl pregnant, she wanted to abort downie, he said he'd raise the baby himself rather than see that happen. not sure if i agree with it, but gotta admit, that's honorable as fuck downies a good kid too, sweet as can be, not as dumb as you'd think anyway testimony week comes around, dreading it first guy goes up, starts talking about how he baptized a lot of people on his mission >am rolling my eyes in five dimensions when I heard downie roar from across the room "TEHTIMONEY WEEK IS FOHR TEHTIMONEYS! NOE!" room goes quiet, guy wraps up quickly, sits down people tell actual wholesome stuff, they fear the downie. no dick measuring with him around next week similar thing happens: woman goes up to talk about how much she loves her husband, and how he took the whole family on a trip to mexico recently Downie interrupts "TEHTIMONEY! WEEK! IS! FOHR! TEHTIMONEYS! NOE!" lady sits down, normal talking goes on, im officially borderline gay for downie later talking with my edgelord apostate friends, we all talk about how downie is the best thing to happen to this ward ever we find downie and thank him for keeping it real. his dad is super touched that we all stopped by, we all make sure to thank downie for his interruptions and tell him to keep it real we thought maybe his dad would be annoyed that we were encouraging this, but his dad was chill as could be 6.5 kB JPG 33 min. ago. Anonymous | 44806137 cont next week, Downey takes it up a notclh mormon services have two or three talks a servic, all done by volunteers, but the talks can suuuuuuck worst ones are when old people/newly returned missionaries are asked to talk and they ramble for an hour and a half old lady is going on and on about growing up in the great depression. we're all about to go insane when downie stands up YOU TAHK TOO LON, OTHER SPEACHERS NEED TO TAHK TOO lady wraps up we're all in fucking awe of this god among us anytime somebody rambles, or tries to humblebrag, downie calls them out its fucking amazing >church is still a cult but its actually kind of fun now with downie there me and my edgelord friends keep an eye on him, nobody fucks with our downie we get near the end of HS when downie has a heart attack we all visit him in the hospital. we fucking love him >he survived the heart attack, but he just may not have a whole lot of time left. the sunday, the dad announces that him and his son are going to be moving out of state. wants to show his son more of the world before he dies. me and my friends go to downies house to say goodbye, tell him we're going to miss him so much, testimoney week is going to turn back to shit with him gone downie asks if he can tell us a secret we say sure, you can tell us anything "Dah tole me wat to say all those times. >mfw his dad originally used his retarded son as a way to ignore social conventions and tell people to stfu, but wound up continuing to do it for years because he knew it was helping him have friends. >mfw when im not sure if his dad is an asshole or a genius >mfw I don't even care anymore, I still think fondly of that glorious downie bastard yelling at old ladies from the back of the chapel 1 REPLY Anon goes to church
5 Am, Ass, and Bad: Anonymous 09/29/17(Fri)19:54:36 No. 746664631 >2746670273 My autistic tinder hookup be me, 19 > ust quit night job, sleep schedule fucked up > have a cold > trying to stay up to fix sleep schedule, dying > fuck with girls on tinder, don't really care about it > used to try to get girls on it, gave up after only whales and retards were dtf > match with a mexican girl, 50 miles away > she's okay looking, not bad but nothing too special > send her a message saying "u like spaghettio?" > spaghettio's autocorrected to spaghettio, I thought it was funny > she just says "yes" > don't reply for a few hours > she sends me a message saving "you look like you have a big dick > I am confused and assure her that I do not > she says she wants to be penetrated > she says that she is moving away for school soon and doesn't want anything serious > I look her up on facebook and make sure that l'm not being catfished > see that she's about to move from the Midwest to California for school > the school is a community college > the subject gets changed, I ask her about herself while I nervously try to decide if I should fuck her > she starts telling me about her political stances, and how she wants to change the world > says she wants to teach at an inner-city school > I asked if she has ever gone to one, she says no but that she rode a bus with one once, and the students were all ignorant > she sends me a 15 minute john oliver video about translators helping the military in the middle east > I watch it for some reason > she starts talking about us fucking again > decide fuck it, I'm tired of missing my chances to get free puss > my only prior sexual experience is jerking my flaccid dick off on an escort's couch for 10 minutes tell her I'm dtf, ask for her numbe > she won't give it to me, she doesn't want us to get that close since she's moving > tells me she doesn't want to kiss when we hook up > fine with me, I'm bad at it anyways > she sends me her address Anonymous 09/29/17(Fri)19 57 04 No. 746664850 File: 2.ipg (35 KB, 324x470) s it's almost 10 pm at this point, I've already been awake for 23 hours > I shower and finally leave at like 11 get in my newly-purchased $1500 piece of shit car > loud as fuck, power steering barely functional, tire pressure terrible > start heading to her house, 1 hr 20 min trip according to google > realize that I should stop to get a 5 hour energy and put air in my tires > go to speedway, buy the 5 hour energy -1/--Hime > cashier keeps talking to me about how I'll need it for pokemon go (it just came out) > he won't stop talking about it, meanwhile im nervous as fuck finally leave, put air in my tires > their pressure is extremely low and I've only driven for 20 minutes so far > keep going, scared that car isn't going to be able to make it > stop again at another speedway, about an hour into the trip >put the air in my tires, try to find my way back to highway > have shitty ass cheap phone service, can't get google maps to load > just get back on highway and keep driving for a while > google maps is loading again, I make it to her town > having severe stomach issues, about to shit myself > lose service in her town, have no idea where I'm at >pull up to a sketchy ass gas station, go in to release my bowels > later in life I find out that I have irritable bowel syndrome > shit in the bathroom for probably 15 minutes, it's now almost 1 am > leave the bathroom, 2 men standing at the counter smiling at me > avoid eye contact and leave > still nervous as fuck and without phone service > drive around her town not knowing what to do >want to go home, but I've already made it this far so I cant give up finally get service, check tinder to see over 10 messages from her > she's getting pissed and wants to know what's going on > I park in front of someone's house and tell her that I'm lost > try to memorize directions to her house in case I lose service again > head to her house once again, lose service >think I find her house, but it's a two-family house and her neighbors are outside for some reason > not sure what to do or where to park drive around the block a few times, her neighbors are obviously suspicious that my loud ass car keeps passing by finally decide to park, pull up in front of her house > her neighbors are staring at me, start calling someone > luckily have service and can message her > tell her ive arrived > unluckily she's retarded and won't come to the door she tells me to just walk in > tell her that sounds sketchy > she still wont come to the door, says shes busy drinking water neighbors still staring at me, almost 10 minutes have passed > decide fuck it, ill walk in > cop car pulls up as im getting out of my car s they shine their spotlight on me, they don't say anything > I wave like the autist I am to them > they don't react > just walk in, my heart is pounding > she's standing by the doorway wearing panties and a tank top > don't understand why she didn't just let me in but whatever she grabs me and leads me through her dark house > there is a child that she is supposed to be babysitting sleeping on the couch > her bed is just 2 twin size beds next to each other > it's hot as fuck and I don't think there is any AC, only a fan there's a huge mirror in front of her bed > Christmas lights all over her room > she lays down > I stand there awkwardly, unsure of what to do > just make small-talk about her neighbors she says something like "are we going to fuck or not?" > nervously strip to my baggy boxer-briefs >get in the bed, start kissing her thighs > she tells me to eat her out > I have no idea how to pull her panties off and start licking her nether regions no clue what im doing, she seems to be enjoying somehow though > decide to stick a finger in, she likes it s haphazardly jam more fingers in, she still likes it O Anonymous 09/29/17(Fri)20:12:17 No.746666235 File: 4ipg (20 KB, 450x319) 2-746666831 >-746669345 >barely get it on, stick my chub inside her > thrust into her for a couple minutes, starting to lose breath > losing my boner minutes losing my boner > I get up and take my condom off > she starts sucking my dick her face is right around the corner from my asshole and I just had diarrhea she says she wants to ride me, I lay in the middle of her bed > the mattresses start to spread apart >I move to lay against the wall mostly on one mattress > it was dark so I couldn't tell, but I probably left ass sweat and shit stains all over her bed her titties are in my face, not totally sure what to do about them > I get back on top go for a few more minutes until I almost die she asks whyI keep getting so tired fuck her > I've been up for over 24 hours at this point, still sick we lay around talking about stuff for a while >trying to cool off, I don't even have a water >she rubs her hand on my dick and licks the precum off her finger > she sits on my dick while telling random stories tells me about how she was molested as a child probably giving me herpes > child starts knocking on door, crying > she yells at him to get back to bed > we get back to sex after 45 minutes try a few more positions > get her to try out some stuff like titty fucking and a foot job > I say "im gay" every time we switch positions because I am an autist and find it funny she asks me why I keep making fun of gay people she starts licking my mouth and tongue even though she said we shouldn't kiss > she's rubbing my dick on her clit and im about to cum > not sure what to do or say or where to cum > start to cum on her chest she sticks my dick in her mouth as I finish > we clean up, I ask her if she wants me to leave or if we should keep fucking > she says she planned on continuing > I somehow don't lose my erection and im miraculously able to continue >we do a few more positions, my unprotected dick is inside her while there is probably cum in my urethra Anonymous 09/29/17(Fri)20:14:53 No.746666535· File: 5ipg (258 KB, 1300x1131) 746667711 >im fucking her hard at one point, she's moaning "seel See!" > ask her "see what? > she says "no, Spanish" > Im a retard > almost an hour goes by, we're both tired and hot now she says she really wants to do some freaky shit, asks me for ideas > I don't fucking know > I think she mightve came twice, I don't really remember >she came at least once, not sure how I did it >I just want to get another nut off > she's ferociously sucking my dick, im >she gives up and lays with her face in the bed, her ass up > it takes every little bit of energy for me to cum onto her ass 9 she tells me to take a photo so I do >she tries to move my hand to her asshole, I resist > get dressed, go for a hug she gives me a high-five instead, doesn't want us to get close >say bye, leave > drive home for over an hour >awake for like 30 hours, dehydrated, hot > contemplating life, the possibility that I got her pregnant > probably have herpes > just want to go home and shower and sleep > have never felt so dead inside >get home after 5 am, dad is getting ready for work >go to sleep without showering > periodically look her up to make sure she isn't pregnant struggling to cum Anon gets laid
Af, Bad, and Beautiful: Seth Rogen meets Boo In the film "Tropic Thunder", Kirk Lazarus said: "Never go full retard." Now, I hate the word "retard" - I love all life and if a baby has developmental disabilities, nobody should ever call that beautiful baby a retard - it's a disgusting word to use to refer to someone who has such disabilities. However some of u grown men are not only retards, y'all routinely go full retard, NO OFFENSE - lemme splain u. My lil homegirl call me tell me she dating a dude from a nearby town. It ain't that close so they hanging weekly, he make the drive and slide thru, they have dinner etc. Smart dude, teacher, got his shit together. So out of the blue homeboy say he moving to her town so they can plan their future. I can't blame him - she got a lot to offer 👩‍🔬. The problem is, she ain't want all that. Some women want a man around for a specific purpose. Maybe she wanna be homies but she don't wanna bang. Maybe she wanna bang but only after 11:02 pm so if y'all get food after, nobody see u with her bc low key u ain't cute but your PP nice so she only want u at night 🤗. Or maybe she wanna be seen with you out on the town because u look nice but she ain't ready to pick baby seats and strollers yet - u feel me? U can't just assume that if a girl fuck with u on ANY level, she wanna be with you forever - these ladies done been thru a lot, bro - good relationships, bad relationships, in betweeners - u feel me? Don't be so eager to suck the fun out of it. Men ASSUME that any woman they meet wanna get married yesterday and have babies tomorrow but guess what - NAH. AF. U gotta take the time to sell her on u. Make her feel like u the one. Until then, create fun experiences and a healthy vibe. And see where it go. And don't go full retard or u gon fuck around and fuck up a good thing for no reason. Ya get me! Bless up! 😂😂😂