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Advice, Arthur, and Blessed: THE PROBLEM I heard about the surprise party my friends planned for me. Should I pretend not to know? TIP: Think of your friends feelings. Surprise them back. Don't show up. I dont even need the "binky fucks my mom now" edit the originals are so much funnier theblueteletubby scrolled through the tags and saw that a lot of people weren't blessed enough to see the edits A game for kids and gro Everyone has a right to privacy. Try being more firm with your mother about your refusal THE PROBLEM I think I'm old enough to bathe on my own now, but my mom insists on getting in the tub with me every time.. it makes me feel Parents know best! You should do as you're told at all times uncomfortable. What should I do? ll take your place, Arthur TIP The answer may not be obvious at first A game for kids and g Everyone has a right to sleeping with your mother. Tm sorry that it makes you uncomfortable. THE PROBLEM Binky bathed with my mother, and now they're sleeping together too. It's making my dad mad This sounds like an issue that you should arrange a serious discussio with your mother about and it makes me feel uncomfortable, too. What should I do Nobody said you can't join us Arthur TIP 1 am so fucking mad game for kids and grow Arthur I appreciate youre troubled but Im out of advice. THE PROBLEM with my mom, and it looks like Binky is my dad now. Idon't really understad... I feel confused and upset What should I do? It's okay Arthur, Binky is my father too. Arthur help me TIP You should go to bed son