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Friends, Life, and Yeah: Anonymous said to ask-art-student-prussia: Okay, so the is a huge problem with shipping people, and I know firsthand. Me and one of my friends hang out a lot. We're very close and she's one of the people who haven't betrayed my trust before. The people in our friend group jokingly said "I ship it" just to mess with us, no big deal. But then, more people started to say it. It was a problem to me. It made me want to stop talking to my friend, but she was so close to me. I couldn't imagine life without her, she shares all my interests (1/2) Anonymous said to ask-art-student-prussia: But it kept getting worse. Literally, I was having a conversation with another friend about a webcomic before band started. The girl next to her looked at me and said "Are you and [friend's name] together?" "No" and I carried on talking to my friend. "You two should get together." "No." After that, I pretty much bailed. I finished what I had to say and left. I've had people yell "l ship it" that I haven't talked to in years. A close and old friend told me I should get together with her. (2/?) Anonymous said to ask-art-student-prussia: should point out that I'm straight. Both me and my friend are females. See the problem? Anyway, I've had to explain to so many people that it's not okay to ship real people and ignore their feelings. They always come back with "But you ship fictional characters!" It's not the same! Fictional characters are just that, fictional. They can be interpreted in anyway. Some say that character's gay, some don't. It's not the same with real people. They have defined emotions they you can't change (3/4) Anonymous said to ask-art-student-prussia: So yeah. I hope we've all learned a valuable lesson today. People have feelings and trying to change them or convince people otherwise is stressful, annoying, and awful in general for the people on the receiving end. Thank you for letting me rant. This is just important to me and I want to thank you for sharing my feeling on the subject, because l've learned there aren't a lot of people who do. (4/4)