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So Wholesome!! via /r/wholesomememes http://bit.ly/2L0Tnye: Yesterday at 11:03 PM I work at a small family owned Italian restaurant and my boss let's me study when we're slow so he brought me a small pizza and said "snack while you study". I worked a 12 hour shift today and he fed me three times and made me a sandwich to take home. He's an angel walking among us. h ad S e e e ina yh w GST l apy w fholags ds l y d o aind t them wd 177 d d delingaisat ears w ley ad ha r l cation, www.sed in eer ahes Th h bw s hing sshur e offding vimasley dng r 3i alest eal pche Ad de viw w s eend dahan d sesal tty W ee wr eses it wan ofee varw a begde vibe le pee Oaly wl de s ou an endty in Eand the al sieon ook at eaieon laktaton, particulatly anging shar l a cialed and g R teking than aksAn abernate ur etod r died th perticlachy i ullanve and sgeria and s of thene en ve in powcr-c ed te tal dgery oee than and shet boy r engge in risky behaier than are gisdsThi g fcharicr will be greatesr aN apatrianchal E pwer then he etr becasse of his employ Thie behavior will be the Irast in nongatriandal unms have ngual poner b se of ther oqual dvidaal delingacncy ratis are shos viwd w the atmbutin of powerper relatione in wt r selations in the famaly Tests of puwer for a variery of in arguments l theury focuses on the greater oetrols of gitl r female offesding in the conteat of strain type me dicumed the particolar victimizarions she e sught o link thes o ehe particular types of r Choner Lind and Faith staned thar "eeach le ol wd lSe m he fdys nd enss dels Ainthe e De Cte har h ie than bos bs they o h ale eaing tht m s ded thtc t e weiolen a le ats hare ked ndes, an appenschg r e s biag tht he a is of The Semiioe gndes le hely i aratee dn i c e e pene hng dm o i ascated wrk the Se dfirent racial d eth niiery What are called "hge w as A eie for fernales ae the ty y e doisant Euean Airwn ca gS and debed this feityglles So ney expetol n beh nr lett nbe ts that alym ar hsee g chentry, and s feth, al they w sher they de or ent ck and vher wht e dey at the heart of ech of girl r victimitation 7.6K 124 Comments 148 Shares So Wholesome!! via /r/wholesomememes http://bit.ly/2L0Tnye

So Wholesome!! via /r/wholesomememes http://bit.ly/2L0Tnye