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Bad, College, and Donald Trump: Dan 5 hrs If you cast your vote for Donald Trump, you're a bad person, and there's no way around that. You are a racist, you are a bigot, and I don't care if we're blood or if we've broken bread a thousand times, you are no longer someone who is welcome in my life. Delete me from facebook, lose my number, and never attempt to speak to me again. Cole I did not cast my vote for Trump.. However I would like to inform you that you're a narrow-minded bigot. Therefore, cya 18 minutes ago Like Reply Dan Someone who thinks that wanting white supremacists out of my life forever makes me a bigot? Oh WHAT will I ever DO without you in my life, Cole? | can't believe this election is costing me the passing acquaintanceship of the guy who happened to take one class with me in college and spent the whole time sleeping in the back row and trying to copy answers from me and Kat!! 18 minutes ago Edited Like 2 Reply Cole Lol, you're such an opinionated prick. 11 minutes ago Like Reply Dan And you once told me you thought Walter White was "the man" so why would I give half a shit what you think of me 9 minutes ago Like Reply Cole Now you're insults are getting confusing. Not sure why you're on my friends list. You added me, now l deleting you in hopes to never see you appear on my feed again. Wish we still had class together so l could walk in a thrown two of theseup in your face. 5 minutes ago Edited Like Reply Dan You told me to add you so we could coordinate some kind of study group for the class final, although since you just always tried to copy off us anyway, doesn't seem like you really needed that. But, l'm not surprised you don't remember that, in the same conversation, you told me that you'd gotten "pretty stoned" before class, that you didn't know what book we were supposed to have read, and then you proceeded to fall asleep during the class discussion. So, pardon me if I'm not sad to see you go!! If you don't respond to this, you'll never need to hear from me again. Bye now! 1 minute ago Like Reply raptorific: There‚Äôs a lot of ‚Äúhating racists is just as bad as racism!!‚ÄĚ on Facebook today and I‚Äôve decided that if you pull that shit I am going to publicly tell you about your life