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Apocalypse, Order, and For: Finally started to get my finances in order for the nuclear apocalypse!

Finally started to get my finances in order for the nuclear apocalypse!

Ass, Bad, and Chill: Citizen of Arcterra @PhilodoxPils Svar till @_hoemo Nazis: Let's commit genocide. Antifa: Let's not. BLM: Please stop shooting us. Centrist: I cannot tell these apart officially-kim-jung-un: siryouarebeingmocked: kamiyu910: the-darkest-of-souls: nazis: lets commit genocide Antifa: lets dismantle our current government and instigate a horrendous for of government that commits mass murder and genocide for other reasons while using facist methods to try and silence other people  BLM: lies, lies, lies, bullshit riots, and cop shooting centrist: everyone needs to chill the fuck out  Nazis: “The Jews are too privileged, they have too much power, they’re oppressing the German people!” SJWs (AntiFa, BLM, etc): “The whites are too privileged, they have too much power, they’re oppressing the non-white people!” “Hitler’s first written utterance on political questions dating from this period emphasized that what he called “the anti-Semitism of reason” must lead “to the systematic combating and elimination of Jewish privileges. Its ultimate goal must implacably be the total removal of the Jews.“” “
the vile, anti-Semitic propaganda of the 1930’s, when splashed across Der Spiegel was blaming Jews - and so called disproportionate Jewish wealth - for Germany’s losing WWI and the country’s subsequent economic downturn. Canards about Jews controlling world finances - first promulgated by the Tsarist forgery, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” - was anti-Semitic back then and it is anti-Semitic today
” Why are these considered only bad if “white” is turned to something else? It’s the same rhetoric that the nazis spread. Why should we consider anyone who uses this any better than the nazis, when they said the same stuff?  Someone defending Antifa or BLM deliberately ignores what they actually flippin’ do. Take a shot. remember that time a guy did an experiment where he did an entire speech at an antifa rally using only hitler quotes and everyone cheered I’m screaming Antifa is literally a terrorist group “let’s just not commit genocide” my ass
Apparently, Asian, and Bitch: Detroit Rep. Bettie Cook Scott orn Asian opponent: Don't vote for the ching-chong! by Violet lkonomova August 16, 2018 at 11:09 AM comment v bizarre-transmission: thettasigma: ferventfox: awesome-everyday: internetdumpsterfires: Black people can’t be racist. Ugh, okay. The remark by this black woman was disrespectful and based on race. It was rude, bigoted and uncalled for. But no, in an anti black world, black people do not have the social, political or systemic financial power to be racist. Racism implies that beyond hurting and insulting that asian woman that this black woman is connected to a system that has the power to negatively impact this woman’s existence. That dark skinned black woman who’s an incumbent running for state office likely has about the same amount of systemic power as i do. And furthermore, there could be an argument made that deteoit is chocolate city and perhaps she does have that infrastructure of black networks to truly effect her opponent, but idk I was in Detroit last year and it looks a lot like Brooklyn does now. White and gentrified. White people with money, who control our political systems, finances, and predominant social narratives are claiming urban space like they’re colonizing pioneers looking to take the new world. Detroit isn’t the same anymore. Anyway, black people can be shitty insensitive bigots but we do not have the social capital to be racist, particularly not in the united states. “That dark skinned black woman who’s an incumbent running for state office likely has about the same amount of systemic power as i do.”  Ahahaha: No. A congressperson is the definition of systemic power. You can’t bitch about lack of political power when we are talking about elected politician.  Clearly the world isn’t so anti-black that it couldn’t vote her in.  Chang is also a first generation American, while Scott, to my knowledge, is not, and she specifically made anti-immigrant comments. She also has “power” within the context of her own ethnic community and she used that power to direct racism towards other African-Americans who supported Chang by implying they were somehow traitors, essentially dictating how they ought to act based on their race, particularly Chang’s husband for his interracial marriage (I don’t give a flying fuck what race you are, negative comments about interracial marriage and mixed race people are racist. period. end of story).  Even if I did accept the prejudice + power model or racism (which I don’t as that is neither the etymology or common usage of the word) Cook’s comments would certainly fit the bill. She made race based attacks on people based on types of marginalization that she is exempt from; and did so from a position of power partially gained by the fact that she is exempt from these types of discrimination.   It’s racist. Stop making excuses.  “That dark skinned woman who’s an incumbent running for office likely has about the same amount of systematic power as I do.” Is this person on drugs? They’re claiming that
 A political person
 A congresswoman
 Has no power in the country in which she was elected
 By the populace
 As a politician. That, or they’re a politician too. Apparently we can say anything now and it makes sense. Huh. Also these remarks are the absolute epitomy of racism and if anyone refuses to see it, they’re not purely misinformed. They are delusional. *literally calls an Asian person ching chong*“How dare you say I’m being racist??” Thank you for attending today’s lecture on cognitive dissonance.
Af, Comfortable, and Fanfiction: shan and 2 others liked luffy vores law whole @thedreamcreek People don't seem to realize that AO3 constantly needs donations bc 1. Theyre explicitly against ads 2. SERVERS ARE EXPENSIVE AF...they used 75% of their entire funds last year JUST to pay for servers 3. Over1 mil of registered users are on the site 4/30/18, 00:04 luffy vores law whole @thedrea... 1d v AO3 and OTW were SPECIFICALLY created by women fandom folk in direct responde to a bunch of men trying to monetize and profit off of fanfiction. THIS IS ALL ON AO3'S ABOUT ME. THE DISTRIBUTION OF FUNDS IS ON AO3'S FAQ. THEY HAVE A PUBLIC SPREADSHEET OF FINANCES AVAILABLE. 01 0471 1445 luffy vores law whole @thedrea... 1d AO3's code is also open source, which is why customization is allowed via user-made themes and presets. AO3 was coded, conceived, and made entirely by volunteers, most of them womern luffy vores law whole @thedrea... 1d Some of yall are ungrateful or hella ignorant of how one of the most important modern fic hosting sites came to be.. urry vores law wnoie cotneareaTa Some of yall are ungrateful or hella ignorant of how one of the most important modern fic hosting sites came to be.. t0149 974 luffy vores law whole @thedrea... 1d v The next time one of y'all complain about AO3's donation drive....is2g 92 t112 860 T luffy vores law whole @thedrea... 1d Those donation drives allow you to read those fics you love, how about you foot the $200k+ server bill next time 8) piroco: marithlizard: hexane-harpy: This^^^ This!  AO3 offer a comfortable, no payment, ad-free service in exchange for donations specifically to KEEP THE WEBPAGE UP AND RUNNING and people still complain?!

piroco: marithlizard: hexane-harpy: This^^^ This!  AO3 offer a comfortable, no payment, ad-free service in exchange for donations specific...

Bitch, Books, and Confused: ReelLover InHollywoodland Follow l Verizon LTE 4:27 PMM 8% Maintain a high level of accuracy while balancing changes in workload. . Ability to type at least 50 WPM. * Proficiency in the digital and social media universe including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest, Google, blogs, etc.. Ability to adapt to changing priorities based on organizational needs Sense of urgency and pro-activeness. otivated self-starter. Bachelor's Degree required. EEITS Health, Dental, Vision Insurance, Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability, and Life Insurance PTO and Paid Holidays Business casual attire Positive Office Culture Job TFC Salary: $11.00 to $12.00 /hour 3 days ago report job Apply Now Follow @bodegafruit Why aren't millennials buying houses?" "Why don't millennials save money?" "Lazy millennials are ruining this economy" ReelLover nHollywoodland 8:27 AM -11 Jul 2018 39,636 Retweets 86,860 Likes blame-my-muses: goawfma: this is an insult I once applied and interviewed at a bookstore cafe for a barista position. It was way closer to my home, and I had almost a decade of experience working in a coffee shop at that point.  Got to the interview, and it turned out they didn’t want a barista, they wanted someone to spearhead their new cafe, as the cafe that had been in the store before didn’t want to resign their lease with the bookshop. They wanted to put their own cafe in its place, all new menus etc. They needed someone experienced to train their new staff, to handle window displays, to communicate with the bookstore owners about changes and needs of the cafe, to be able to handle inventory and ordering. Okay, I had basically done most of that stuff at my previous job. I asked if cafe positions would also be required/trained to work the bookstore.They would. They would be required to run the book sale counter, stock and reshelf books, and help bookshop customers find things. They would also–despite having an outside cleaning company–have to help maintain bathroom cleanliness. They’d have to take out trash, and clean spills, and vacuum. Wow, that’s a lot, I said. Is this a manager’s position, then? No, I was told, it wasn’t, but there was a chance that after a training period it might become one. And that made me pause, because I’d been working as the front-of-house manager at my cafe, and I knew how much work that entailed, and what kind of money I was making, and it was only the commute that had me looking for a new job.So I asked what the job paid.$8. E I G H T  D O L L A R S. Per hour. Barely above minimum. For all of that work. For someone they expected to get an entirely new cafe up and running, and then also do the work of the bookstore and the cleaning company as well. I thanked the woman for the interview, said I’d have to talk to my significant other about the impact a four dollar pay cut would have on our finances, and that I wasn’t sure it was the job for me. She asked me to sleep on it, and she’d call me the next day. This is a job I was way more than qualified for. I had years of experience doing exactly the things they wanted. It was a convenient location, close to my home–I could walk there if I absolutely had to. I did not go home and talk about that four dollar pay cut and what it would do to our finances. I knew as soon as she told me that not only was it not feasible for us, it was downright insulting. That little money? For a frankly ridiculous list of responsibilities and expectations?She called back the next day. I thanked her again, and told her in no uncertain terms that my time was worth way more than what they were offering.And whenever people bitch about Millennials being lazy, not spending money, not buying houses
whatever the complaint of the month is
I think about the very nice lady who conducted this interview, and how confused she was that I didn’t want the job. 
Abc, Africa, and Animals: No results found for "woman kills man for rejecting her". funnygaygirl: kurt-banged-her: laina: unyieldingultimatum: jackthevulture: girltiredofbullshit: blacktionbronson: hominishostilis: playstation2chainz: shocking *ahem* from this post  Woman kills man for refusing to give her beer  Woman stabs man for refusing to have sex with her, threatens to cry rape  Woman rips off man’s testicle because he rejected her, tried to swallow it Woman kills man for refusing to marry her  Woman cuts off man’s penis because of argument  Woman shoots her husband after argument  Woman cuts off cheating boyfriend’s penis, flushes it Woman suspects husband of cheating, stabs him to death  Woman shoots, kills boyfriend for cheating  Woman stabs boyfriend for cheating in Monopoly board game  Woman shoots, kills man for ending relationship  Woman sets husband’s genitals on fire for hugging another woman, dies  Woman kills, dismembers husband’s body over argument  Mother kills 18-month old twins to get back at husband she thought was cheating  Woman kills husband after he confronts her about affair  Woman kills cheating husband with lethal dose of heroin  Woman runs over, kills cheating husband  Obese woman sits on boyfriend, kills him and avoids jail time  Woman kills boyfriend with stiletto shoe Woman murders cheating husband with coffee mug  Woman kills boyfriend for not buying her a gift  Woman kills boyfriend who accused her of cheating  Woman stabs and kills boyfriend , Judge: “I hope you die in prison” Woman shoots, kills ex-boyfriend, buries him in pile of debris  Woman shoots boyfriend in the back of the neck, killing him  Woman shoots boyfriend six times, kills him after argument  Woman stabs, kills boyfriend over mother’s day gift  Woman stabs boyfriend to death, also stabbed her husband to death 7 years prior Woman pushes way into home, stabs boyfriend to death over argument  Woman angry at boyfriend takes her anger out on his 4 year-old  Woman stabs boyfriend to death, thought he was cheating on her  Woman bludgeons husband to death with hammer to pay back loan  Woman stabs, kills boyfriend during argument  Woman murders boyfriend for tweeting out his female crush  Woman shoots and kills boyfriend, kills self while out on bail  Woman stabs to death boyfriend over argument about an ex  Woman stabs and kills boyfriend for social media posts  Woman shoots boyfriend in the face, fails to make it look like suicide  Woman kills boyfriend’s puppies during phone argument Woman shoots boyfriend in the face with rifle during argument  Woman pushes boyfriend off fence after argument, killing him  Woman attacks boyfriend with large knife, intent to kill  Woman abused, threatens to kill boyfriend in sleep Woman beats, murders boyfriend and puts him in freezer because he wanted to break up with her Woman held gun to boyfriend’s head, murders on Christmas  Woman with previous assault charge on another boyfriend stabs and kills different boyfriend  Woman attempts to murder boyfriend with giant breasts  Woman stabs boyfriend in neck, killing him after argument  Woman chokes and stabs ex-boyfriends cat to death  Woman starts argument with boyfriend, stabs and kills with umbrella  Woman kills boyfriend with her car after argument  Woman shoots, kills boyfriend in his bathroom  Woman shoots, kills boyfriend with illegal handgun  Woman sets her boyfriend on fire, killing him  Woman shoots and kills ex-boyfriend multiple times, kills herself Woman shoots boyfriend in the head, found out he was dating other women  Woman stabs and kills boyfriend over finances  Woman stabs and kills boyfriend’s lizard because she thought he was flirting with other women  Woman shoots, kills boyfriend who wanted to end their relationship and urged her to get an abortion  Woman attempts to murder husband with poison in her vagina Woman stabs boyfriend to death after he slaps daughter Woman conspires to have secret lover murder her husband Woman stabs, kills boyfriend over argument on Labor Day Woman stabs boyfriend in the chest over argument  Woman stabs boyfriend to death after finding photos of other women on cell phone  Woman tortured ex-boyfriend’s dog until it died after argument  Woman stabs boyfriend in his chest and through his lung, nearly killing him  Woman fatally stabs boyfriend during heated argument  Woman kills her boyfriend with blunt force trauma to the head using frying pan Woman stabs boyfriend to death for drinking her beer  Woman strangles boyfriend to death during argument  Woman stabs boyfriend with serrated knife over argument  Woman shoots, murders boyfriend while she was on house arrest for another murder 11 years prior  Woman stabs, kills boyfriend then texts friend about eating the body  Woman stabs, kills boyfriend over dispute  Woman shoots boyfriend in the head, suspecting he was cheating  Woman shoots man in the groin after argument  Woman fires handgun into the home of man who denied her a kiss  Woman stabs husband to death over cheating fears  Woman shoots, kills ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend  Women kills husband, commits suicide  Woman shoots and kills man over argument  Woman kills husband with baseball bat for talking back to her  Woman kills husband, confesses to family then shoots herself  Woman stabs boyfriend 31 times after he said ex’s name in his sleep  Woman shoots husband in the head, shoots herself  Woman kills boyfriend over argument at house party  Woman shoots boyfriend with shotgun for texting another woman  Woman kills boyfriend because she “smelled sex on him”  Woman runs over boyfriend, kills him Woman stabs boyfriend in the eye for turning down threesome  Woman stabs ex-boyfriend for refusing to stop playing the Eagles  Woman stabs boyfriend, throws out his prosthetic legs so he can’t chase her  Woman ties up, stabs husband 193 times, jury finds her guilty for suspicion of trying to claim life insurance  Woman stabs fiance for refusing to take her to the liquor store  Woman assaults and threatens boyfriend with knife for not cuddling  Woman stabs man with ceramic squirrel for not bring home beer  Woman stabs taxi driver after he refuses to have sex with her  Woman stabs ex-boyfriend in his penis after discovering he had a new girlfriend Woman stabs boyfriend twice over time he spent in bathroom  Woman stabs boyfriend over Facebook post  Woman stabs her boyfriend several times because his dog ate her marijuana stash  Woman stabs boyfriend for not calling her every two hours  Woman shoots man five times for rejecting her, kills herself  Woman murders ex-boyfriend with liquor laced with poison, was jealous he was engaged to new woman  Comedian Phil Hartman was murdered by his wife on May 27th 1998 NFL player Steve McNair was murdered by his girlfriend on July 4th, 2009 John Wayne Bobbitt had his penis cut completely off on June 23rd, 1993 Travis Alexander was murdered by Jodi Arias on June 4th, 2008 Andrew Bagby was murdered by Shirley Jane Turner on November 6th, 2001 (She later murdered their 1 year-old son on August 18th, 2003) Brenda Spencer killed two and injured nine at Cleveland Elementary School on January 29th, 1979 Laurie Dann killed one boy and injured five others at Hubbard Woods Elementary School on May 20th, 1988 Jennifer San Marco killed eight people at Goleta postal facility on January 30th, 2006 Sylvia Seegrist killed three and injured seven during a shooting spree at a Springfield mall on October 30th, 1985 Mary Ann Holder killed five children including her own son in Pleasent Gardens, NC on November 20th, 2011 Jullian Robbins killed one and injured two at Penn State on September 17th, 1997 Heather Smith killed two then committed suicide at Spanaway Junior High School on November 26th, 1985 Latina Williams killed two others then self at Louisiana Technical College on February 8th, 2008 Amy Bishop Anderson killed three and wounded three others at the University of Alabama on February 12th, 2010 What’s most interesting though is that mainstream media doesn’t even mention female shooters when they claim to show the history of the crime — but I guess they’re going by high scores. While its true that most shooting sprees are committed by males, it is also truethat most child abuse, neglect, and murders are committed by females. Women who killed or attempted to kill children in the news, past 30 days (US): Florida woman shoots, kills her 2 teenage sons  Mother throws 1 year-old daughter under truck, kills her  California mom stabs her 3 daughters to death. all under 2 years old Mother attempts to kill her 3 teenage children  Mother kills her infant son by stabbing him to death  Woman kills 2 year-old girl, attempts to kill 10 year-old boy  Utah mom murders 6 newborns, keeps them in garage  Mother charged with trying to suffocate daughter  Woman charged for killing 8-month old baby  Women who killed or attempted to kill children in the news between January and April 2014 (US): Mother drowns both of her sons aged 3 and 6  Mother attempts to drown her 3 children in ocean  Utah mother shoots and kills two teen daughters, then herself  Mother suffocates 14 month old son, fails at attempted suicide  Woman babysitter murders 19 month old boy  Mom kills 7 month old daughter, blames Jesus  Woman operating illegal daycare responsible for 3 month old girl’s death, police find 14 children in her basement  Mom strangles 3 day old baby boy, discarded body in trashcan  Woman suffocates 2 year old girl of fiance, fakes sexual assault by unknown assailant to cover tracks  Mother charged with killing 2 year-old daughter  Mother of several children with history of violence murdered and buried 2 year-old daughter in shallow grave  Mother stabs and kills her 2 children in exorcism  Mother kills her teen son and daughter, self  Mother confesses to killing 10 year-old son  Mother tortures and kills 3 year-old son, burned genitals with lighter  This is only mid-year and I didn’t even include the reports of mothers killing their children from previous years or other countries.” The only thing “shocking” here is how far you’ve managed to cram your head up your own ass. This post is disturbingly long. REBLOG THE SHIT OF THIS. I AM SO FUCKING SICK OF PEOPLE TREATIG WOMEN LIKE INNOCENT GODDESS WHO NEVER DO ANYTHING WRONG WHILE THEY TREAT ALL MEN LIKE ANIMALS. I debated on whether or not to reblog this but damn those sources are a fucking feat and pretending that they dont exist erases the victims. once in a blue moon someone on tumblr will acknowledge anyone other than a man has done something wrong if your feminism involves overlooking crimes by women then it isn’t feminism if your feminism involves overlooking crimes by women then it isn’t feminism Its almost as if gender doesnt affect concepts such as our basic instincts (eg fight v flight), basic intelligence, and moral compasses.Hmm.