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Ass, Dude, and Energy: Countess Von Fingerbang @HeatherApplebum Men who feel the need to quiz women when we show any interest in something that they deem "theirs" are fucking annoying. Cut it the fuck out, suck a dick "With all the six stones I can simply snap my fingers, they will all cease to exist. I call that...mercy"-Thanos Replying to @MajinCheeks But can you name all the stones according to color? 5/11/18, 3:22 PM 1 Retweet e r Bluffy Spice @MajinCh... . 17h Replying to @themanstre Let's play! Space Mind Power 5/12/18,6:43 AM 78.9K Retweets 216K Likes oh-the-mess-i-make: madamehearthwitch: evilkillerpoptarts: momo-de-avis: cumaeansibyl: a) do you really think someone would put all that time and energy into making an infinity stone jewelry piece if they didn’t know all about the infinity stones b) I don’t see you putting all that time and energy into making an infinity stone jewelry piece, what have you contributed lately besides being a dick to people for no reason c) who gives a shit if you can’t name all the stones, you’re allowed to enjoy the shit you enjoy without some whiney ass loser quizzing you to the smallest detail I will NEVER FORGET my first convention.  A table was doing Transformers trivia and you could win a prize.  The men in front of me were asked fairly difficult questions.   Then I rolled up.  Dressed as Thrust because buttwings, damnit. “Oh, we’ll go easy on you,” the dude said in the most condescending, smarmy tone.  “Name one of the dinobots.” I rattled all five off in alphabetical order, and demanded that they tell me all six Constructicons. There were several guys at the table.  They managed five. “You forgot Bonecrusher,” I said sweetly and walked off.  I didn’t want the prize I’d rightfully earned.  Their spluttering was all I wanted. If you’re gonna gatekeep, I’m gonna DESTROY YOU. Great story BUT… You shouldn’t have to destroy them!! You don’t have to love something in a ridiculously obsessive way that knows every tiny fucking detail for your love of it to bring you joy. If that’s how they get joy, cool, nice for them. But you don’t have to. You can casually love a thing, cosplay as a thing, go to cons for a thing, without dissecting it into little pieces. Women do not have to be exceptional in order to belong. WOMEN DO NOT HAVE TO BE EXCEPTIONAL IN ORDER TO BELONG
Children, Creepy, and Future: @creepy.enemies The big twist at the end of the movie Orphan, when you find out Esther is actually a 33-year-old woman with proportional hyperpituitary dwarfism who killed seven people is one of the best flip-reversal horror movies ever, but did you know that what the writers had planned for Esther was so, so much worse? The original plot was that Esther had been molested by her father for years, starting when she was an infant, which sexualized her at a very young age and destroyed any future chance of her having her own children. Her father later took another lover, telling Esther that, because of her condition, she could never be a real woman. She murdered them both and was ultimately sent to Saarne, a mental institution, but escaped and started working as a prostitute. When she was arrested for this, she kept up the pretense of being a child to stay out of jail and was sent to an orphanage. Esther sees herself as trapped inside the body of a child, and it disgusts her. She wants to 'grow up' and be a wife, a mother, and a lover (what her father considered a 'real woman'), and tries to find 'love' where she thought she'd had it as a child, with her new father. I just rewatched this movie and I stg it’s sooo good - - - creepy scary horror orphan dead creepyenemies horrormovies creepyfacts didyouknow funfact trivia

I just rewatched this movie and I stg it’s sooo good - - - creepy scary horror orphan dead creepyenemies horrormovies creepyfacts didyouknow...

Church, College, and Ellen DeGeneres: Disgusting Little Man are enemies in Bloodborne DISGUSTING LITTLE MAN Disgusting Little Man are enemies that can be found in the Forsaken Cainhurst Castle in Bloodborne. They attend to their duties and are mostly not hostile. Part knight and part servant, many will be scrubbing furiously when the Hunter arrives. Be mindful, however, as in an instant they can pull out their strange weapons and spill blood. Some servants carry golden canes that double as blowguns. Others carry elegant rapiers which they wield with frightening ease. CoMBAT INFORMATION Enemy Type Disgusting Little Man Disgusting Little Man are divided into 3 types th 560-910 1. Cleaning: Will be armed with a golden Threaded Cane and favors close range combat 2. Rapier: A little stronger than the cleaning Servants, he wears a cape and wields a rapier. 3. Chandelier +Cane: They're in charge of respawning Silver Ladies. They shoot darts from their cane and there are two variants DropsBlood Vial, Quicksilver Bullets, Numbing Mist, Blood Stone Chunk (in NG+), 560 -910 Blood Echoes First Floor Chandelier: Marks with Corruption rune but deals no serious dmg. The mark will increase damage taken and attract o Weak His feelings Strong No Locations Forsaken Cainhurst Castle o Second Floor Chandelier: Deals regular damage with his darts, does not mark you with the Corruption rune. STrateGıY Notes They are disgusting, little and men Their name comes from how disgusting and little these men are Despite their name (Disgusting Little Man), the Disgusting Little Man is gender neutral. Ellen Degeneres is an enemy in The Old Hunters DLC. ELLEN DEGENERES ELLEN DEGENERES These giants make for the most aggressive and powerful enemies found in the research hall. Even when the player is not around, they attack their environment with a day time talk show. There are two of them, one behind a large mass of patients and flask throwers, another at the top of some stairs right before you reach the stair raising device. STraTeG)Y . They're very fast on their feet but that doesn't mean you can't escape their aggro zone Though fast and powerful they're not very original when it comes to attacking as they use the same combo over and over again They deal blunt dmg Hard to stun NoTEs & TrIvIA .Ellen Degeneres is a lesbiarn Useless Old Man is a non-player character in Bloodborne Useless Old Man is the head of Byrgenwerth, a fuck ugly wheelchair monster from which the Healing Church originated. He and his students pioneered research of the old blumblefuck mother shit discovered in the subterrarria labdingles beneath the city of Yharhardiddleleedee, aiming to advance the evolution of humankind and achieve higher planes (nyooom) of thought. Despite Useless Old Man's central role in the foundiddliness of the Healy Wheely Church and particularly the Choir, their paths ultimately diverged and Burglenshit was abandoned by all but a few loyal skunks that smell; now, at the end of his days and barely even able to speak, he can only sit in his favorite chair and be a big useless fuck up. Put him out of his fucking misery PROVOST WILLEM INFORMATION · "Talk" to him to gain 2 Insight. You cannot speak with Useless Old Man, he simply points to the lake. .Drops 2545 Blood Echoes and Eye Rune if killed, or a Madman's Knowledge if you already have the Rune. Location This character can be found at Byrgenwerth College, in a rocking chair at the Lunarium DialoguiE . Useless Old Man seems to be incapable of speech by the time the player meets him, since he's big fucking moron, only pointing the way towards Circuit City, which has been out of business for like fucking 10 years now anyway, and gagging like a roadkill skunk if the player attempts to talk to him. sbbofficialblog: the-entire-furry-fandom: jojje94: letitdie: saintjiub: saintjiub: bloodborne wiki pages (1/?) Fuck I forgot about this post “give up” is right don’t forget snake map lets not forget this gem the first few days Dark Souls 3 was out 
80s, Batman, and College: CBR COMEXENOVE USTSVIDEOSCOMHUNITY Captain Marvel Will Be Scored By Female Composer, a First For Superhero Films 06.15.2018 by Nicole Sobon in Movie News Comment (6) In a massive step forward for female composers, Marvel Studios has hired Pinar Toprak to score Captain Marvel. FULL CAST AND CREW TRIVIA USER REVIEWS IMDbPro MORE SHARE +Batman: Mask of the ★ 19 35,605 This Pheanteas(1993 PG 1h 16min | Animation, Action, Adventure 25 December 1993 (USA) MISK IF THE PRAİ TRST. | 0:53 ßAIMAN MASK OF THE RHANTASMAGES :il. WXuぷX> : :.il. :ī.kHA(冰5 SEE RANK Shirley Walker() (1945-2006) Music Department Composer Soundtrack Shirley Walker was born in Napa, California in 1945. She was educated at Pleasant Hill High School; attended San Francisco State College on piano scholarship; studied composition with San Francisco Symphony while in high school; performed with various hotel, See full bio » Born: April 10, 1945 in Napa, California, USA Died: November 29, 2006 (age 61) in Reno, Nevada, USA 2 videos » Nominated for 1 Primetime Emmy. Another 2 wins & 14 nominations. See more awards » Known For WARDENBATTY DARKMAN True lies Now Fiaying Everywhere DASK OF THE PHAOTAS Dick Tracy Music Department (1990) Batman: Mask of the Music Department (1993) True Lies Music Department (1994) Darkman Music Department (1990) <p><a href="http://vieratheartist.tumblr.com/post/175029501696/nightbringer24-nunyabizni-lets-just-put-this" class="tumblr_blog">vieratheartist</a>:</p><blockquote> <p><a href="http://nightbringer24.tumblr.com/post/174989866447/nunyabizni-lets-just-put-this-to-bed-before-it" class="tumblr_blog">nightbringer24</a>:</p> <blockquote> <p><a href="https://nunyabizni.tumblr.com/post/174989813557/lets-just-put-this-to-bed-before-it-starts" class="tumblr_blog">nunyabizni</a>:</p> <blockquote><p>Let’s just put this to bed before it starts</p></blockquote> <p>Why is it whenever a woman does something nowadays, they have to ‘be the first’ person to do that?</p> </blockquote> <p>That was the fastest shut down of a rumor I’ve seen. <br/></p> <figure class="tmblr-full" data-orig-height="306" data-orig-width="398" data-tumblr-attribution="nba-80s-90sgifs:84MH7W0WqMvorSIcnFAQMw:Zqvvxq28twnVs"><img src="https://78.media.tumblr.com/d1b929946ab885baa4b10fddb44b985f/tumblr_o9rm52Xsxv1sdydefo1_400.gif" data-orig-height="306" data-orig-width="398"/></figure></blockquote>